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    Regarding draft picks, I think Webb was a good pick-up for the late rounds and Toby is a good runner so I'd "red" those two names. And TJ is a starting QB in the NFL with 3000 yds passing last season so you could make the argument that he should be red also (but maybe not worth the 2-3rd rd picks we spent.)

    And to continue to play Devil's Advocate - players like Brinkley and Guion has not been busts, just played like the 5th and 4th rounders they are. And players like Jaymer Johnson in the 6th might have played out if not for injuries.

    Our drafts have not been great , especially in finding late round gems, but they're not horrible.

    Okay, I'm not sure I even believe everything I just wrote and I believe we must do better but I'm not in all out "We Suck" mode either.

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    Yup, a complete waste of time and money, just totally pointless bringing them two in for a workout.

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    Ponder if our guy for the future and we should leave it at that!

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