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    Re: Vikings | Birk won't play for less

    He had not 1 surgery but 4, over a 13 month period. The type of injuries he had should not be career threatening, hopefully he can come back and regain the form he had in 2003. He was the brains of the offense line and is the one who called out block assignments and was the leader of the o-line, if he does not come back here then we have to get somebody in FA that is just as good!
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    Re: Vikings | Birk won't play for less

    Does not unreasonable to me. He is worth it.

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    Re: Vikings | Birk won't play for less

    Now the question is, if Birk is not one hundred percent healthy, does the team keep him for that money? I think the obvious answer for fans is yes but you never really know what the team will do. If it turns out he is not fully recovered does the team ask him to take less money? Probably not but a very good possibility. Nothing is garunteed in the NFl and the Vikings have made a committment to this guy but if he's not what he used to be, it will be interesting to see if the team will do nothing with his contract.


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    Re: Vikings | Birk won't play for less

    i read this article and it means nothing, somone is stirring up rumors cause peppers agent wants him to get more money. so who's next? kevin williams?
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    Re: Vikings | Birk won't play for less

    We need Birk like.....................well i cant think of anything right now, but we need him badly!!!!!! if god....i mean Culpepper is to return to his bad self it starts with this man and hopefully an improved o line. give him what he's entiltled to and move on.

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    Re: Vikings | Birk won't play for less

    Birk Birk Birk Birk

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    Re: Vikings | Birk won't play for less

    Don't get me wrong,

    I think Birk is one of the top 5 Centers in the league, when healthy..

    I'm just concerned how well he will come back from his injury.....

    I also believe, players have a hell of a nerve to ask for MORE money, coming off a big injury, espeicaly an injury that's kept you out of the game for a year or more..

    As is the case with Birk and is also the case with PEP...

    But the team should uphold the last contract in place, and if anything, offer a performance bonus to be paid at the end of one years playing time..
    Like in Birks case, you start at center next year, you grade out high in your games and at the half way point of the season if he's still playing strong, throw him some dow.....
    Finishes the whole season, more dow.......Playoffs and Super Bowl, more dow and new contract for the next year..

    Thats fare to both sides......


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    Re: Vikings | Birk won't play for less

    Hopefully we get a Center in the draft. Maybe in the 3rd to 6th round range. I’m not saying to replace Matt Birk. Just an insurance policy, plus we could groom a young guy to take over for Birk when he’s done.
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    Re: Vikings | Birk won't play for less

    I love Birk and truly believe he can change the entire complexation of a line by himself. IS anyone else getting a feeling he might not want to stay in Minnesota? He almost seems like he is trying to stir things up only to have it back fire in his face.

    With this comments he made before the surgury and wanting money, I could see him hoping that would start a controversy and the Vikings putting their foot down or saying the wrong thing. Instead they were just like no get your injuries taken care of and come back next year. Now they tell him he's getting his money and he is almost egging them on trying to get them to say he should get less?!

    I hope I am totally wrong on this and that Birk has many more years with the VIkings....I have just been getting some weird vibes from articles about him over the last year

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    Re: Vikings | Birk won't play for less

    "Prophet" wrote:
    I love Wilf's response.


    Vikings | Birk won't play for less
    Fri, 20 Jan 2006 10:17:44 -0800

    Sid Hartman, of the Star Tribune, reports the agent for injured Vikings C Matt Birk (hip, hernia) recently was quoted as saying, "Under no circumstances will Matt Birk play for the Vikings for one penny less than what his contract calls for," which is $3.94 million in 2006. Owner Zygi Wilf was reportedly surprised by the statement. "If Birk can play football he will be paid his contract," Wilf said.
    Sounds to me like an open & shut case.

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