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    Quote Originally Posted by Reignman View Post
    Ain't that the f***ing truth? Dude is so bad he gets patted on the back for looking average for a half of football. We've been so deprived even I was impressed. Then I look at the numbers other QB's are putting up this year and I just want to punch myself in the face for being impressed with mediocrity.

    We're going to go down as the team that wasted AD's career. Like Detroit did with Sanders. I'm so disgusted.
    Yep Yep and Yep. Sinking shop led by Captain Ponder.

    Sorry Rick! Keep up the good work.

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    Hey Ponder! Those guys we see darting across the field with defenders trailing behind them are wide-open receivers. Jennings running across the back of the endzone is another wide-open receiver. Do you not see them or do you just choose to not hit them because you aren't confident you can hit a target going across the field?

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    Ponder played well in the second half, but like the last game, he made one huge mistake that cost us points. That can't happen.

    Our defense was inexcusable again. Sanford had what is likely the worst game of his career, holy cow was he awful. He was on the wrong end of every bad defensive play we had it seemed, and there were a lot. Based on the first two games, this might be one of the worst defensive teams we've had somehow, and we had a lot of bad defenses from 99-05.

    We gave up a field goal we let them go 80 yards in less than a minute to end the half and then of course let them easily drive down the field to win the game.

    What a stupid play call by Musgrave. They can't stop us in the air, but for some reason we decided to play for the field goal.

    Between the drop by Wright (I'm sure it was Ponder's fault somehow), Ponder's pick 6, the stupid playcalling on our final drive, still not adjusting to people throwing underneath passes all day, letting the offense walk straight down the field at the end of both halves (and for most of the game actually), and not being able to cover a kickoff, we could have won this game easily, but it typically fashion, we completely blew it and our season is now over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caine View Post
    Wow, do we ever disagree.

    I don't think the D was all that good at all. I thought they were terrible and got bailed out by a handful of big plays and some Bears misfires. Other than that, Chicago and Detroit have both run roughshod all over them.

    I also thought the O-line pretty much sucked. They got almost no push on the Bears and allowed Peterson to get repeatedly hot behind the line. They also provided almost no pocket for Ponder.

    The rest I agree with. Ponder sucks. Musgrave sucks. Williams sucks, frazier sucks. Wilf sucks (All of them).

    Did i leave anyone out?

    Yes, our punt and kickoff coverage was terrible.

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    How can anyone expect the Queens to win when the offensive line doesn't know how to block, we have a weak QB, and a GM and Coach that keep ignoring a guy like Patterson.

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    We need to step back for a minute, and think beyond Ponder. No, he did not have a good first half. He didn't have an overly fantastic second half, but he did alot better.

    Our problems: Devin Hester averaging almost 50 yards per kickoff return on five returns kills you. WHen you go down the field and score, then give them the ball right back past the 40 yard line, that's not a recipe for success. 25 yards and they are in field goal range.

    THe pick by K-W in the endzone was great. Pick-Six only a few plays later was not. That can't happen. Taking away the ball is great, giving it right back is awful. GIving it back for a touchdown is the worst.

    Strip-Fumble and return for a TD was fantastic. Momentum we really needed. THen, sure enough Hester rips off a long return to give them points back.

    AP fumbling also can't happen. I rewatched that fumble, it was pure technique. It wasn't an overly good play by Chicago. AP just didn't take the handoff properly, and never had a good handle on the ball. After the third return, we should have just pooch kicked it to the 20. Accept the ball at the 30, instead of pretending that we're going to stop Hester.

    The line play was just awful. I didn't watch anybody specifically, but Ponder was flushed from the pocket regularly. I'm not sure if this is on Ponder, whether he should have gotten rid of the ball by then, or just not giving him a chance to make a throw. We weren't opening up holes for AP either.

    Coaching, IMO wasn't that bad. We made adjustments and started moving the ball. Our D was just poor. Going for it on fourth down was a good call. In any other game, kicking the field goal to go up by six was a good call. However, for us, I'd rather take our chances in overtime. That's a 50/50 for coin flip and getting the ball. That's a better chance than thinking we're not going to give up a TD. Go for the TD on fourth, if we miss, we leave the bears pinned back down by 3. If they get a FG, fine, we try in OT. instead, we give them the ball at the 30, and they score a TD.

    On D, I don't know what we were thinking the last play. They ran a crossing route, and Bennett was WIDE open. IN the redzone, you don't leave a big TE wide open. Then would be a good time to blitz Cutler and man up. Cook was out of position, and got there too late to stop the play.
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    Cook was defending two receivers. He asked for help from Smith and didn't get it. Smith owned up to it.

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    There was no way we were going to win with Ponder giving up 249 return yards to Devin Hester. Then to cap it off Ponder lets the Bores march downfield for a game winning TD in the final minutes. I think CP has given up the third most points in the league. We have no chance with him.
    Why must you defend everything this FO the point of making your self look like a yes man.

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    Yeah, Ponder wasn't exclusively to blame but just the fact that we basically took no shots at the end zone to try and score a TD tells me something needs to change on offense. It isn't just him but it has been this way with every QB since Brad Johnson except Brett. Other than that we seem to never take a shot at the end zone when we get past the 40 and IMHO we should be looking to do that on every drive.

    The goal on offense should be to score a TD every single drive. Obviously that won't happen but it certainly will happen more if you expect it to happen than if you just play to get close and then settle for a FG when the drive stalls.

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    Probably already mentioned in here, but Ponder continued to roll-out to his left. If Musgrave is calling these plays intentionally, he NEEDS to be fired. What moron calls QB roll-out out to the left with a right handed QB? He's done it all season.

    Hester always has a game against us, no shock there.
    Disclaimer: I'm an idiot.

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