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[size=13pt]Vikings: Bad things come with 3-and-outs[/size]

The Vikings are the second-worst team in the NFL in converting third downs, a major symptom of their offensive struggles.

By Judd Zulgad, Star Tribune

Last update: November 13, 2007 – 9:19 PM

The Vikings are 36-for-118, a 30.5 percent efficiency rate, placing them 31st in the NFL, ahead of only San Francisco (34-for-123, 27.6 percent)...........

Yes, many bad things...including the added stress put on our defense. A lot of this ineptitude is due to our predictable offense. 3rd and 1...who do you think the defense will be keying on??? There are those who will say that to give the ball to anyone other than AP is a mistake, but in that situation a play-action should work once in a while. (I'm not saying this as 20-20 hindsight.) Our offense has so little creativity...I expected so much more from this offensive guru.
gol 'darnit, for the last 5 to 6 weeks I have recieved nothing but heat from the "Run it everydown" crowd and now all I see is the guys who want to see more passing.

Were the hell were you guys when I was taking all the heat?
Better yet, were are all the "Run it everydown" guys now?

I still say a balanced attack (60% run/40% pass) is the way to go.
Play to your strength (run heavy) with just enough passing to keep them honest (7 in the box).

Marrdro, you should not have received any heat for proposing a mixed attack!!!...60/40 sounds good to me. (Wish I was around then...I just started posting regularly again the past few days.) But I'll add my few cents. Running it every down is crazy no matter who you have in the backfield...every good/great offense employs a balanced run/pass attack. Look at any of the great teams of the past and present. Even the Redskins with Riggins and the Hogs had a really good passing game.

We don't have either. We have a great runner (actually two), but we do NOT have a great running game because we can't get a passing game off the ground. And vice versa, we can't get a passing game going when we can't run the ball. I am certainly not a football genius, but I've seen enough teams to form my own humble opinions on what works or why something is not working.
Thanks my friend.

There are a few yutz's on here that don't always agree with me.


Keep it on the downlow, however, sometimes they are right though.

I'm feeling your pain.