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Steelers have slow windup and even slower delivery Leftwich. I'll take our over that.
Ben> McChunky
Leftwich > Ponder at this time.

Might go with you on Pats though but only cause of Brady.
Brady > McChunky
Mallet = Ponder

I think the Saints passing game is gonna suffer a bit this year although I still like what Bree's has done. Call it a draw.
Brees> McChunky
Daniels> Ponder

Not even close to a draw.

If Rodgers goes down no way Flynn carries that team. We saw it last year.
Rodgers > McChunky
Flynn > Ponder.

Flynn beat the Pats.

Even with their starter, the Lions? Comeon my friend. Cat hasn't made it a full year and who is his backup?
McChunky > Stafford
Hill > Ponder

Seriously, looks like you just picked some teams and threw them up there. Thats OK though. I understand were your coming from. LOL
Nope, I am just not full of the purple kool aid like you are. McChunky is a has been and Ponder has not proven anything yet.