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Thread: Vikings Article

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    Vikings Article

    5,267 words

    Now I know there are some mistakes in here, so if you see them please point them out and I will fix them. Im just trying to get some feed back here.


    QB- We traded Daunte away for better or worse thus creating one of the weakest spots on the team. We have no starter except for Brad Johnson, and he, despite being perfect for the WCO, is old and his arm is not what it used to be. Brad has shown he has the leadership but in his old age his arm isn’t what it used to be. We got McMahon in FA from the Eagles. He started for a while after McNabb got injured. Has a 44 completion percent. McMahon is only a back up, not starting material and isn’t all that good. BJ may be capable for one more year, but 20 games is a lot of wear and tear on the body. If BJ gets injured we are really screwed because I don’t have any faith in Mike. This position will need to be addressed in the Draft, possibly by trading up.

    TE- In the West Coast Offense (WCO) the Tight End is used to great extent. We have only one true TE with J. Wiggins. Wiggins is a solid 5-15 yard target which is exactly what you want in the WCO. He managed to rack-up over 70 catches in 2004. He is a capable starter and I fail to see the need here as he is entering his 8th year he still has many more productive years in front of him. He may not average 11 YPC, which would be ideal, but he is a proven solid back. Kliensasser (hereinafter referred to as ‘Sauce’) is a true TE with good hands. He was forced to play a little FB back in ’03 but TE is his best position.

    FB- Tony Richardson is a Free-Agent player we got. He is a versatile type of back who not only excels at blocking but also can run and catch out of the back-field. Notice a pattern? You can be sure that catching out of the back-field will be a big part of this offense this year. I think that despite the age in this area we are set for a while here.

    RB- Here is another area in which we have a big question mark. Mewelde Moore is more of a 3ed down back and situational back. Although Moore showed that he can put up over 600 yards sharing time so I didn’t quite agree with getting a Running Back via FA but for better or worse we have. Fason is now in his second year and despite being very good at Florida we don’t know how good he is. He could be great but that remains to be discovered. Because he was so under-utilized in his rookie season we have no real gauge of his ability. He produced at Florida but not here, yet. We haven’t given him a chance and I believe that he could be very good if given the chance. Chester Taylor was a Free Agent from Baltimore who didn’t produce very much but was never given the chance to carry the load. Like it or not he will be getting 20-25 touches a game. He seems to be a good fit for our new WCO. Because not only can he run to the outside but he is a good receiver which is critical in the WCO. O. Smith will not be coming back by all accounts. With Zygi pushing hard for a new stadium we cannot afford bad press with the Whizzanator. This isn’t very good because Smith showed that he could easily rock up over 500 yards sharing the load so we should have given him more of a chance but as I noted we can’t afford any bad press.
    This position no longer needs to be addressed by the draft.

    WR- Another position of interest is WR. Our best WR is Koren Robinson, despite the fact that he didn’t have a good year last year, starting only 5 games and catching 370 yards and one touchdown. He went to the pro-bowl as a kick returner. He had some problems with Johnny Law back in Seattle but seems to be over that and grateful for another chance. Troy Williamson was a first round pick last year and has not panned out in his first year. But it is important to remember that first year WR almost never do great things, the exception being people like Randy Moss who is one of, if not the, most talented Wide Receiver ever. Troy seems to show flashes of greatness but that goes along with many dropped balls. He is defiantly someone to watch as he might have trouble in the new WCO. Or he could be good in it, no one knows. Travis Taylor is a solid possession receiver but not a deep threat. He started all but three games last year and put up decent numbers, but not anything to write home about. At 6-1 210 he is not a bruising WR but not a flimsy person either. He is decent but will only put up 800 yards at best. Not a #2 receiver, possibly a #3. Marcus Robinson is also a decent #3 or #4 receiver but has never put up great numbers in a number of different teams. He is not the ideal WR, despite having decent size at 6-3 and 215. Will never put much more than 700 yards nowadays. Despite having an amazing first year with the Bears. This position will need to be addressed in the draft.

    OG- Here we at first glance appear to be doing well but that first glance belies the true fact that while our LG is good in Steve Hutchinson, who we got from the Seahawks, we have no true starter on the right. Adam Goldberg is not ideal as a starter and we have no true starter. This will need to be addressed in the early rounds.

    OT- Here we are a tad bit shakier at. McKinnie is very solid on the left and we have Marcus Johnson who is coming off a solid rookie season. But he is still basically a rookie and has a lot of developing to do. McKinnie is good but hasn’t lived quite up to expectations, but he still is a top 10 tackle. This position may need to be addressed in the later rounds, simply for some depth. But it is a much wiser decision to bring in a veteran.

    C- With a healthy Matt Birk we are completely filled here. But Birk is coming off a nasty hip injury and will be back at 100% by all accounts. Another interesting guy is A. Herrera, who is a G/C tweener who can play both. He did a decent job when starting for 6 games last season. This is a position that doesn’t need addressing in the draft. Jason Whittle was FA from NY. He is a C/OG ‘tweener who should add some depth here. This further drives home that we won’t take a Center.


    DE- Here is a position that is a moderate question mark. We have a very solid pass-rusher in Erasmus James. James I believe is the real-deal, he will be solid, if not great this coming year. He is fast and quick off the ball and will get some much needed pressure on the QB. He was drafted by us a while back. Udeze is more of a run-stuffer who has battled injuries and by all accounts lost. He shows glimpses of being very good but has been inconsistent. Darrion Scott took over after an injury and played his heart out, he has shown that he can compete for the starting gig. He may very well get it. Lance is leaving I believe but has shown himself to be a very good pass rusher getting over 7 sacks this year. He is aging as well. Also with the addition of DeQuincy Scott (Chargers) this adds the final part of depth here. This position will not be addressed in the draft.

    DT- Here we are completely set at. Kevin Williams is entering his 5th year as a pro and has shown himself to be a very capable starter who has no problem getting to the QB as well as stuffing the run, getting over 115 tackles and 25 sacks. He is truly the future at this position for us. Pat Williams is our other starter who is also a massive run stuffer. We got him from the Bill last year and he has had an amazing year getting over 40 tackles and one sack. More of a run stuffer than a pass rusher, he complements Kevin very well. Or Defensive line will be something to fear. Pat is old but its important to note that we drafted CJ Mosely in the 6th round last year which adds to the depth of this already filled position. This position doesn’t need addressing in the draft.

    OLB- Here is a position of question, we got a SLB, Ben Leber, through FA and he will start but he is not the impact playmaker this position has been lacking for years. Leber was pushed out of his starting job my Merriman on the Chargers but when he was starting he showed himself to be a capable starter. On the Weak-Side we started EJ Henderson who was drafted as an ILB. Shows that there is a reason WLB is our biggest need. Its never a good thing when you have to bring in players from their drafted positons. He got over 45 tackles but hasn’t been getting to the QB at all or been getting INTs. With the right coaches he may be a good back up but nothing more. Heath Farwell is an interesting person this year, he was an UDFA out of San Diego state and worked his way up form the practice squad to special teams. He is a Teddy Bruschi type of player, not ideal in terms of measurables but has unique playmaking ability. Now I’m not saying he is as good as Teddy but he could easily be a second string player and special teamer. This position (WLB) will need to be addressed early in the draft.

    MLB- Here is a position in which we are lacking, EJ Henderson, despite being a day one pick, has not done as much as we would have hoped. He is a second/first string twenner. He could be good with the right coaches but has not produced as much as we would have hoped. Napoleon Harris, UGHHHHHHHHHHH, this guy is a wash-out. He was acquired by the Randy Moss trade with Oakland in which be pretty much were screwed. He never panned out and personally I hate him. The Cover 2 might not be his forte and he could bite even harder. Sam Cowart just went to the Texans. This position will need to be addressed in the mid to later rounds of the draft.

    CB- Here is a position that we are set at first glance but we aren’t. Winfield and Smoot make a fantastic combo with Smoot being a cover corner and Winfield being a tackling corner. Smoot is a quick and agile corner who excels at covering but isn’t a tackler. Winfield is the complete corner who is top-10 in the league. But behind them we have nobody and nobody's brother. If I remember correctly our back up is Ralph Brown. Pffffft! I say. In a nickel and other such defensive schemes more than 2 good corners are needed. Devonte Edwards is an interesting case, really doing well in the late part of the season. But I doubt he is starting material, possibly #4 behind a draft pick. Although you never know, the coaches might really like him. But to me he isn’t a starter or #3. This is the main reason there is such a need here. This position will need to be addressed in the early rounds. Dustin Fox is an interesting fellow who may be getting some starting time as the new staff seems egar to try and see who the best players for their positions are. Fox wont start but may be a rotational type of guy.

    SS- Here we have a new FA, Tank Williams. He has a great name but is in more of an audition role here, having a lowly 1 year $900,000 contract. He is going to start, and his play this year will determine whether or not he gets a bigger contract. This makes this position odd because we might have a future starter here and we might not. If not then we have a big needed because I don’t want us starting Offord. He (Tank) did OK with the Titans but is not the player they had hoped for. Behind him we have Willie Offord, who before Tank arrived, was looking to be a solid starter for us here and If Tank Doesn’t pan out then doesn’t be surprised to see Willie starting. He is really coming into his own (Willie). This position may need some depth later in the draft.

    FS- Here we have multiple Pro-Bowler Darren Sharper, who despite coming from such a filthy and corrupt team as the Packers, has done a bang up job for us. He has 2 more years on his contract and after that he will be 33 and his future will be un-certain. But as of now he is perfect for the Cover 2 and will be a good starter for those 2 years. Behind him we have Hunter who I honestly don’t know much about but he seems to be OK, he is entering his third year. He wont start by all accounts when Sharper leaves. This position will need addressing but not in this draft.

    P- Here we are set with Klwue, who is entering his second year and has proven himself to become a top 5, in the league, punter. His injury has some worried but I believe it to be a moot point. But its very possible that somehow we bring in a punter just in case.

    K- With Ryan Longwell, another Packer, he have added some stability here. Longwell will kick well in a dome and will be good despite being old.

    HC- Here we have Brad Childress. Brad comes from being the long time OC for Philly. He runs a WCO. In which he will rely on quick passes and runs to the outside. He has never been a HC but his career in Philly has been a solid one. He has hired after we fired Mike Tice. His career as an offensive mind is proven but his defensive knowledge is unknown.

    DC- Here we have former DB coach Mike Tomlin. Mike comes from the Tampa 2 and will be installing it here in Minnesota. Expect a rock year while we adjust to this new scheme.

    OC- Former QB coach Darrell Bevell comes from Green Bay after coaching Favre in his last year there. It seems like a big leap from QB coach to OC but Brad knew exactly who he wanted and he got it. Let’s hope it pans out.

    You see despite the fact that we have the players it will be rocky season while we adjust to our now coaches. Keep in mind, 2 or 3 years from now we will be a fearsome team.

    Note: This is before the draft and will change after it. This is my prediction if we went into the season right now

    Our needs chart

    QB – 8
    Johnson is old and McMahon is not starting.

    We got some good blockers in FA.

    WR- 5
    Lost Nate and have only decent players.

    TE- 4
    We need a solid 5-20 yard target.

    OG- 4
    Some questions about Goldberg.

    OT- 2
    Marcus Johnson comes back from a good rookie season.

    C- 1
    With a healthy Birk there is no need here. Whittle provides depth.

    DE- 1
    Udeze and James are solid and border line excellent.

    DT- 1
    Pat Williams and Kevin Williams make this a non-need.

    OLB- 9
    Need a WLB to complement Leber on the Strong side.

    ILB- 5
    No stand outs here folks.

    CB- 7
    More than two are needed in a Cover 2

    SS- 3
    Minor need with Tank here but Tank has had a recent injury

    FS- 0
    Sharper fills this puppy up

    Got Longwell in FA

    P- 0
    Klwue is a top 5 punter

    Guide chart
    0-2 (Only some concerns with injuries and possibly a back up needed)
    3-5 (Needs to be addressed in later rounds but is not an immediate need)
    6-8 (Mid-High round pick, a starter is needed quickly)
    9-10 (Biggest hole here, first day pick at least)

    Whew! Now let’s proceed to our mock draft.

    There are so many ways to go and this pick is steeped in controversy. Who to take? The WLB from FSU? The QB from Vanderbilt? The CB from Clemson? The RB from Memphis? The OLB from Iowa? The WR from Florida? Trade up? Down? Who will be there? Who won’t?

    With the 17th pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Minnesota Vikings take…

    Ernie Sims –WLB-- FSU
    The consensus biggest need for the Vikings is WLB to complement Leber and Henderson. Ernie Sims, WLB from Florida State, is the perfect fit. He’s small but plays big, he is the perfect playmaker to fit into this defense and excel. He will energize a weary LB corps. Once a mid-2ed round pick at best he has risen fast and is now possibly going as early as #13 to Philadelphia. One must be wary of such people, such as Cutler, but he is a person to be discussed later. The biggest problem with Sims is his size, he is
    5-11 and 230 lbs. Which was actually an improvement over his previously thought size of <5-10 and less than 215. But he has impressed people and risen up the boards and would be the perfect fit. He runs a 4.5 flat, does an excellent job in coverage and is a sure-tackler. All of these things make him an excellent fit in the cover 2. He is aggressive and a tad un-refined but with the right coaching he will fit perfectly in our scheme. This is the best pick for us.

    Jay Cutler –QB—Vanderbilt
    When trading Daunte to Miami we gave up our Franchise QB. This is obviously a problem, as in much we handed the reins over to veteran QB Brad Johnson. We need a QB to sit for a year and get polished. We need someone whose mechanics need work, whose foot-work is questionable but has a passion to win and the ability to become a Franchise top 5 QB. We need Jay Cutler. This might require a trade-up but I’m adverse to that theory. Believing we can snag a quality QB in round two. If he is here we will most certainly get him, over Sims of FSU even. One might wonder why I have Cutler here and not Young, who just as easily can fall. Well I don’t think Young is the pick here even if he does fall. He require too much refining and doesn’t fit our WCO. Neither does Cutler in fact, in fact there are only two QBs who really fit that bill, Leinart and Croyle. Croyle can be snagged in round 2 and that’s the best direction I believe. Young would require
    2-3 years of clip-board carrying before he will start. And the only way to get Leinart is to give up an arm and a leg. Cutler is the Vikings best dream if he is there. Brad can calm his happy-feet down and he will start soon enough.

    Tye Hill –CB—Clemson
    Hill is a cover type of corner which is perfect for our Cover 2. We desperately need a CB to help take the pressure off of Smoot and Winfield. Also, in a lot of Defenses more than two corners are needed and we have no one promising or good behind Smoot. Hill isn’t as physical as Winfield but who is? Hill is a pure cover corner who is a perfect fit. I wouldn’t be too unhappy with this pick but I think we have more pressing needs. I think our pick is better spent on Richard Marshall in the second, who is a very similar corner but doesn’t posses the same amount of speed as Hill. But almost no one does. Hill is one of, if not the, fastest player in the draft. Or even John Joseph or Kelly Jennings. The variety of possibilities makes me think we won’t go CB in round one. But you can be as sure of sugar that we will get one in round 2.

    DeAngelo Williams –RB—Memphis
    Make no bones about it. DWill is going to be the best RB out of this draft. I couldn’t be higher on him. But we have already made it clear that we have our Running Back in Chester Taylor. But it’s possible that if they are in love with him as much as I am they might not pass him up. I don’t think they will or should but it’s possible. A lot of people have serious doubts about Taylor but he seems to be the ideal RB for the WCO, possessing good hands and field vision. But so does DWill. What people fail to realize is that we are set at RB. Taylor is our main man; Fason is young and shows a lot promise. Moore could just as easily been our starter but got edged out by Taylor. Our current situation at RB makes me think that this position will not be addressed with this pick, or at all. But it is awfully hard to pass him up, but we must for the sake of the Franchise.

    Chad Greenway –OLB—Iowa
    One possibility is that Sims goes to Philly instead of Greenway. Then we are in a tight spot. Greenway had a poor combine and isn’t ideal for cover 2. He doesn’t have the speed. But he does manage to do well in coverage and so if Sims is gone then he is our guy. He is just too good to pass up. He is much bigger and stronger. He could even turn out to be better than Sims. Despite his combine and speed issue he is too good to pass up, even if people like Hill is still there. But no one take the cake over Cutler.

    Chad Jackson –WR—Florida
    When the Seahawks took Nate from us for a third round pick it created a huge hole in our receiving corps. Jackson is extremely fast and could stretch the field and create a deep threat downfield. This would create huge holes across the middle and allow people Brad or Croyle to pick defenses apart. One must also realize that we lost the biggest downfield threat in the league when we got rid of Moss. That is something that was clear we lack in our passing game when the defense didn’t have to double cover Randy, they could change up their defenses and crunch the field. It’s easy to see that this is a big problem and is most certainly a need. I doubt we will take Chad for the simple reason that we have 5 first day picks.

    Trading Up
    It is certainly possible that we trade up in this draft. If we do it would be for one of the big thee (Leinart, Young, and Cutler). Personally I’m averse to trading up simply because this draft is very deep and I think that we could get Croyle, the Brad Johnson clone, in the second. Also, we may have the ammo to trade but then we will be giving most of our first day away and in a draft class as deep as this with a promising QB in the second then address our needs with the rest of our draft.

    Trading Down
    Another possibility is trading down, which is not really much of an option. We are not certain we will even get Sims at #17 so its best we stay put. But if an attractive offer comes along from New England, to grab DWill, don’t be surprised if we make the trade and get even more picks, imagine 7 first day picks.

    1) Ernie Sims –WLB- Florida State
    Here we got started by addressing our WLB need, which is our biggest need. Sims is Derrick Brooks v2.0 and being as how Brooks is a Hall of Famer it’s very difficult to
    pass him up. Imagine this: Sims—Henderson—L eber. That’s pretty good with the only possible hole being MLB. Sims will be the playmaker our Defense has been lacking for so long. He will energize a weary LB corps. He is perfect for the cover 2, quick, athletic and has a nose for the ball.

    2 (Via Miami): Davin Joseph—OG—Oklaho ma
    Goldberg isn’t exactly who you want to start on the right. He is a solid back-up but we need someone to help give us that Top-5 Line in the league again. Behold Davin Joseph, a large athletic Guard who has no trouble reaching the second level and will help block for Taylor. A large un-moveable brick in the center he will be fearsome and will help take on the very good DTs in the

    2) Cedric Griffin—CB—Texas
    In most defensive formations more than 2 corner backs are needed and behind Smoot and Winfield we have nobody and nobody’s brother. Despite Edwards showing some glimpses of good play we shouldn’t be banking on that. Griffin is the best fit for a Cover 2 defense; he is quick and fluid and will do a very good job in zone coverage. Cedric will be third string above Edwards and below Smoot. He will work up to possibly #2 when/if he over takes Fred Smoot.

    3) Brodie Croyle –QB—†œBama
    Here we finally bring some youth into a QB corps in which the mean age is 39. Brodie is accurate and smart. His arm isn’t the best but in a WCO it’s not needed. He will sit for a year and start in 2008. He will learn behind Brad Johnson. McMahon will be the third string. His body is in question and is the only thing that gives me pause, he is very frail and injuries could be a problem on the next level.

    3 (Via Seattle): Jeff Webb –WR—San Diego State
    Here we get a person who is fast (4.4) and will be able to help stretch the field. He is not only strong but will peruse a bad ball and make the catch. Is a little one dimensional but will be a great person to have run a fly pattern and burn you deep. He complements his speed well with his strength and toughness.

    4) Tim Day –TE—Oregon
    He is falling a smidge here but no matter. Wiggins is good but is not Day, and in such a scheme as a WCO, which uses the TE to great extent, its vital that he can catch and run. Day is massive, measuring in at 6-3 and 256 lbs. He will be a good red-zone and 5-20 yard target. Finally give us some receiving targets.

    5) Greg Blue –SS—Georgia
    Tank Williams is basically auditioning for the starting role. He has a small one year $900,000 dollar contract. With no job security Tank might not produce as much. Also, remember he has had an injury which took him down a few pegs. Offord will be third string.

    6) Aaron Harris –ILB—Texas
    Here we get a basically a back-up. He will be a second stringer behind Harris. It seems a little redundant to be getting another non-stand out player here but it also seems to be a necessity.

    Depth Chart for the 2006-2007 season

    QB: Brad Johnson/Brodie Croyle/McMahon

    RB: Chester Taylor/Mewelde Moore/Ciatrick Fason

    FB: Kliensasser/Henderson

    TE: J. Wiggins/Tim Day

    WR: K. Robinson/J. Webb/T. Williamson/M. Robinson

    OG: Steve Hutchinson/Davin Joseph/Adam Goldberg

    OT: Bryant McKinnie/Marcus Johnson/Rosenthal

    C: Matt Birk/A. Herrera

    DE: E. James/K. Udeze/D. Scott/DQ. Scott

    DT: Pat Williams/Kevin Williams/ Spencer Johnson

    OLB: Ben Leber/Ernie Sims/D. Thomas/ H. Farwell

    ILB: Henderson/ N. Harris/ A. Harris

    CB: A. Winfield/F. Smoot/C. Griffin/ D. Edwards

    SS: T. Williams/W. Offord

    FS: D. Sharper/W. Hunter

    P: C. Kluwe

    K: R. Longwell

    HC- Brad Childress

    OC- Darrell Bevell

    DC- M. Tomlin

    Final Positional Grade and Analysis

    QB: Brad Johnson will start and Brodie will back hi up and start in pre-season games and possibly towards the end of the season. McMahon is our third string and will not start.
    Overall Position Grade (OPG): B

    RB: Taylor will start with Moore coming in on third down and other situational plays. Fason deserves to be higher on the chart because he shows so much potential but he has the luck of being on the Vikings.
    OPG: B

    FB- Here we are set with Richardson and his amazing triple threat.
    OPG: B+

    WR- KoRo is not as good as some people think but if he is healthy this year don’t be surprised to see him put up over 850 yards. Webb is high on the chart but deserves to be as such. Williamson will he slot and third string. Don’t get to high on Troy he will have some trouble adjusting to a WCO. Robinson falls a Smidge.
    OPG: B

    TE- Wiggins and Day will make a fearsome receiving group. Day being in on red-zone situations and third and long. Wiggins will start until next year.
    OPG: B

    OT: McKinnie anchors the left side and Marcus Johnson comes off a good rookie campaign. Capable back-ups. Johnson, McKinnie give this position a lot of depth.
    OPG: A-

    OG: Goldberg will start for one year before bowing down to Joseph. Hutch is top 5 material. Joseph will make the right side fearsome in a couple years. Lots of depth here.
    OPG: A-

    C: Birk is healthy, with Herrera being a solid back up this is a good position here. Whittle can also play some Center, adding lots of depth.
    OPG: A

    DE: Three people (James, Udeze, Scott) can compete for two starting jobs, while DQ Scott is the back up for the last position. Don’t be surprised if the end up just rotating all three of them in and out on certain situations.
    OPG: B+

    DT: Pat anchors it while Kevin racks up the sacks and tackles. Spencer will add some depth here, being capable but certainly not starting material. CJ Mosely is a good back-up who may start eventually.
    OPG: A

    OLB: Sims is a playmaker beside veteran Leber. Farwell and a host of others make this one of the deepest positions on this team.
    OPG: B

    MLB: Harris and Harris start while Henderson battles it out with Harris for the second string spot. I don’t like N. Harris but the way its shaping up he’ll start.
    OPG: C +

    CB: Cedric Griffin is going to be starting early in some of the Cover 2 Nickel and other formations.
    Edwards, who is on the upswing, will add depth to this core.
    OPG: B+

    SS: Tank, coming off an injury, has no security and Offord is a back up.
    OPG: C+

    FS: Darren Sharper is a multiple pro-bowler. Hunter adds depth and capability.
    OPG: A

    Overall Grades:

    Offensive Line: A-

    Defensive Line: A-

    Offense: B

    Defense: B

    Overall: B+
    Projected record in 2006: 8-8 (Mainly because of a new coaching staff)

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    Re: Vikings Article

    Holy smokes WSWR, normally a first post is just a howdy-do, and can be found in the Free Beer Forum. Well thought out post, but you'll have to visit ultra in right forum if you want your free virtual beer.

    The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good -Samuel Johnson - lexicographer
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    Re: Vikings Article

    Damm , I need a beer after all that...........
    I ll be dead and cold before I m green and gold

    Thanks to PPE for sig

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    Re: Vikings Article

    Nice, you put some effort into that analysis. Now, if you can make every post like that you can compete with Caine.

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    Re: Vikings Article

    Very VERY impressive for a waterboy. Good analysis, i enjoyed reading it. By the way wut does the WS stand for...not Winona State by chance?

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    Re: Vikings Article

    "WinonaVike" wrote:
    Very VERY impressive for a waterboy. Good analysis, i enjoyed reading it. By the way wut does the WS stand for...not Winona State by chance?


    Unfortunantly no. I live in Florida although I was brought up as a Vikings Fan. The WSWR stand for, "Winfield, Smoot, Williamson, Robinson." My 1st choice for a name was already taken.

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    Re: Vikings Article

    Nice article, it was a good read and well thought out.

    As for 8-8....PLEASE NO!

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    Re: Vikings Article

    damn that was long

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    Re: Vikings Article

    Nice analysis. The only part I wasn't on board with is the MLB position. I think Childress has nisions of Thomas starting there. We'll see...
    Zeus wrote:
    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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    Re: Vikings Article

    copied and pasted in to word for later: 12 pages!

    he gets two beers if you ask me.

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  4. Good Vikings article
    By nzviking in forum Vikings Fan Forum
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    Last Post: 04-04-2003, 12:38 PM

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