Hey you really couldn't ask for two better teams to play in the Superdome.It will be loud and wild but the two best teams in the NFC will be playing for the championship.The team who commits the fewest turnovers will most likely win.

I heard one person who has 4 tickets to the game say some people are offering as much as $10,000 a ticket.He's going to try to sell them and make $40,000.

Anyways if anyone is going to the game I recommend to eat at the Acme Oyster House for oysters.Try the blackened redfish at Copelands and ask around for the best place for BBQ shrimp.Mulates on convention center blvd.is the best place for Cajun food.Try the seafood platter or any seafood dish.For po-boys try Mothers.And if anyone comes up to you and says,"I bet you I can tell you where you got your shoes."Don't fall for it.If you do they will say,"You got your shoes on your feet in New Orleans,Louisiana."Just walk on by.