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Loosely translated...the experts who've played the game don't know shit & they should listen to me because I am one of the few with a clue & have the spreadsheets to back it up.

One a side note, yes at times all teams stack the box to try and stop the run. Difference is the frequency.

Most teams don't stack the box frequently because they're trying to prevent the longer pass & getting beat deeper down the field.

With the Vikings running the ball with AD a lot, most of our passes being less than 10 yards & only 16% of Ponder's completions coming from over 10 yard throws, teams stack the box against us most of the damn time.

We can't give them any reason not to.
2097 yards......All I have to say. Or, 1613. Maybe 1590, 1509, 1454, 1263, 1244 or the 9 other RB's that got over 1,000 yards this year. I suppose they didn't see stacked boxes.

Look, it was the Tuna, Mooch, Billick, J Johnson, and Howie all talking one day about this that put the bug in my saddle to watch for this stuff. Like it or not, every team stacks the box no matter who the running back is. Good teams know how to run to the other side of the stack. Its just that easy.