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    Re: Vikings 53 Man Roster

    "coachdags" wrote:
    Practice Squad...?? How Many
    Practice squad info, please. Up to 5 players? Signed and paid? Squad member can be added to playing roster by any team at any time? In general, can you supply the rules relative to the practice squad? Thank you.

    Answer Man: They’re both polite, but Rick and Bob definitely have different styles of question-submitting, don’t they?

    Let’s see if I can keep this one short. Practice squads were limited to five players until this past season, when it was expanded to eight. Practice squads are formed after the final round of roster cuts, in the week before the season opener.

    Yes, these players are signed and paid. As is Buccaneer policy, I cannot reveal what they are paid, but it is a weekly stipend and while it does not compete with the salary of a player on the active roster, it is a good living.

    Players can be signed to an active roster at any time – and that mean’s any team’s active roster. In other words, you can sign a player away from another team’s practice squad if you are signing him to your active roster, but not if you just want him for your practice squad. Actually, such a move is actually several transactions; either the player or team “terminates” the practice squad contract, then a contract for the active roster is signed.

    Where it gets a little complicated is a player’s eligibility for the practice squad. Players can only spend two seasons on practice squads, and if you are on a practice squad for three weeks during the year, that counts as one of your two seasons. Any player who has been on an active roster AND dressed out for the game-day 45-man roster for nine games is no longer eligible for any practice squad. Those rules are actually a bit relaxed from a few years ago, when it was tougher to keep players eligible for practice squads.


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    Re: Vikings 53 Man Roster

    thanks for the info...i knew it was expanded to eight and the rest was really interesting

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