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    Re:Vikings 50th Anniversary Patches

    i_bleed_purple wrote:
    Marrdro wrote:
    tastywaves wrote:
    i_bleed_purple wrote:
    Meh, people complain about player fines not being much, when realistically, its pretty on-par

    Lets say a player gets a 10K fine, for a guy making 3 mil a year, that's 0.33% of his salary.

    Lets say I make 40K a year, thats like fining me $130. Since I don't play football, lets use real-world fines.

    Speeding ticket, anywhere from $50 to $1000(I went 121km/h in a 90 zone, I got a $210 ticket)

    Parking ticket: $10

    jaywalking: $90

    urinating in public: $250

    Littering/Dumping: $50 to $500

    Spitting in public: $150

    smoking in/near a workplace: up to $500

    Seems the fines athletes pay aren't that bad compared to what we pay percentage-wise.
    Not much respect for public places there aye IBP? Remind me not to walk to close to you on city streets.
    Those are two quality PPO posts right thar my friends.

    Hey bleed. Do your jerseys have the patch?
    not yet, but I'm fairly certain they will.
    Toby with a patch. I think I might even step out and get two. Let me know when/if you get them. I will pass my size and Wildmans.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re:Vikings 50th Anniversary Patches

    marshallvike wrote:
    TNViking wrote:
    Just found out that, in its never ending search for more of the fans' money, the NFL has announced that commemorative patches will no longer be for sale as loose items. They can only be purchased when attached to official jerseys.

    I have an 80's Starter jacket covered with Viking patches and was looking forward to adding this one. Thanks NFL for sucking the joy out of every fan activity.
    here you go.
    on ebay hash=item335edbbf48
    I bought some of these patches and they are obviously not "authentic" patches. They are cheaper copies and lack the white, double stitched trim so they will be harder to sew and may fray. But still I have a patch and didn't have to submit to the creeps at the NFL.

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    Re:Vikings 50th Anniversary Patches

    No Fun League.
    We're bringing purple back.

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