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    Vikings 2014 Free Agents

    Vikings 2014 Free Agents

    Upcoming 2014 Viking Free Agents

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    That's a lot of starters on that 2014 list! Wow. You'd think, we'd normally sign some of those guys to extensions early to mid season, but, can you go about offering contracts to guys like Robison and Griffen without pissing off guys Jared Allen and Kevin Williams? Does that stress on locker room chemistry show up negatively on the field!??

    On the one hand, you can see the Vikings point of waiting and seeing what happens this year, but on the other, if they don't get at least of few of them done early, it's going to be hard to work several contracts all at once come Free Agency...
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    Here is how the players impact the salary cap. So all you armchair GM's can take this data and figure out how to get the players you want while staying under the cap.

    Minnesota Vikings - Cap Hit by Year


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