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Looks like a pretty tough schedule

Hopefully we do some good things and grow as a team and pull out a few next year that we couldn't last year
I disagree. I think it is a fairly soft schedule.

I don't have a ton of respect for the AFC West, other than maybe SD. KC looks like the wheels fell off at the end of the year. Oakland is OK, but still suffers from inconsistent QB play and they will probably lose Asomugha, and they have to come to our house. We also get the Broncos and the golden boy at home.

Of our away games, both Washington and Carolina are relative train wrecks. QB-less Arizona doesn't scare me. We get up-and-coming Tampa Bay at home, and a chance for some home cookin' revenge vs the Saints.

Outside of possibly late games vs GB and CHI, we don't have any cold weather games. Obviously, a lot hinges on the eventual QB situation and how re-signing our own free agents like Greenway and Rice go. But with any "luck" at all, I can see wins against Detroit (2), Washington, Carolina, Denver, Oakland, Arizona. That's seven wins right there, plus you have four more home games against the likes of Tampa, Chicago, New Orleans and Green Bay. Even if you split those, you are up to nine wins. I can see this team winning ten games next season with that schedule.

Teams can pull a complete 180.. But based on what I've seen from our team and the ones we go against I can't seen more then 8 wins without some solid changes

I don't think even at home we can take Tampa right now..

I don't think we take GB at home either

I don't think we take New Orleans either

We just aren't a good team.. There's always the off season to pick up FAs.. We have no coaches coming in.. We can have an amazing draft

But as of today I still feel it's a fairly tough schedule and I don't see more then 8 wins