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    Re: Vikings "2007 State of the Team" on NFLN

    "Purplexing" wrote:
    Here's a preview:

    ************************************************** ***************
    The Vikings...

    don't have a solid WR crew.
    In fact, it stinks.
    don't have a proven QB.
    Two QBs are vying for the starting job; a 2nd year player and a vet with 3 years of experience, but very few starts.
    have questions on the right side of the OL.
    have a good RB, but need a solid backup.
    have questions regarding their TEs, signed Shiancoe, who has only been a career backup, and restructured the deal of a TE only capable of blocking.

    have a solid K and P, but Longwell can't kickoff deep enough.

    have questions regarding MLB and safety.
    have a weak performing set of DEs who were injured in the 2 most recent years.
    have a great pair of DTs, but no depth behind them.
    have a lot of young CB prospects to pair with an aging veteran.
    have a lot of safeties on the roster, two of which are recovering from injuries.

    have a new DC who is known for improving pass defenses wherever he has gone.
    has a HC who was a poor playcaller, and stubbornly refused to change his position on the matter.
    has an OC who appears to simply be a figurehead with no power or authority.

    didn't sign anyone of note in the recent free agent signing period.
    didn't aggressively pursue many free agents.
    didn't manage to obtain their top 2 free agent targets; TE Graham and WR Curtis.

    ************************************************** ****************

    If there is anything different from the 'usual sports writer's opinions' above, it would be worth watching.

    Depressing but true!

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    Re: Vikings "2007 State of the Team" on NFLN

    nevermind im an idiot i just reread the first total access it is!

    Thanks josdin00

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    Re: Vikings "2007 State of the Team" on NFLN

    "Marrdro" wrote:
    "Purplexing" wrote:
    "COJOMAY" wrote:
    Sounds about right!
    Clarification: the above list of claims are not MY opinions.
    They are my guesses as to what will be said.
    To late Purp

    Gonna take what you said (typed) and change it around to meet my purposes no matter what your intent

    That's ok!
    Everybody else does anyway....
    When we stop to think about it, most folks behavior isn't perplexing after all !

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    Re: Vikings "2007 State of the Team" on NFLN

    [size=14pt]Vikings "2007 State of the Team"[/size]

    [img width=39 height=18][/img]

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