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    Viking release 13

    Vikings Release 13 Players

    "The Vikings have released the following players:
    WR LaMark Brown, WR Erik Highsmith, OG Tyler Holmes, DE Lawrence Jackson, DE Marquis Jackson, LB Stanford Keglar, DB Greg McCoy, RB Bradley Randle, WR Chris Summers, QB James Vandenberg, C Camden Wentz, RB Jerodis Williams, and DB Roderick Williams."

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    Ahh damn they released Randle. He seemed like our only back that could pickup a blitz.

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    Viking release 13

    They may have just released the best AqB on the team.

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    Bradley Randle is really the only surprise, although Banyard has done all right in the preseason, but I figured they'd keep Randle around at least until the last cut.


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