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    Re: Viking - DEFENSIVE - Line

    this is the postion im least worrie about.

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    Re: Viking - DEFENSIVE - Line

    "snowinapril" wrote:
    DE FAs Some may be taken but this was the list at one time before FA started.

    Shaun Ellis UFA Jets
    John Abraham UFA Jets Wrapped up, TAGGED!
    Bryan Robinson UFA Dolphins
    Demetrin Veal ERFA Ravens
    Marques Douglass UFA Ravens
    Felip Claybrookes ERFA Browns
    Tyrone Rogers UFA Browns
    Eric Taylor ERFA Steelers
    Brett Keisel RFA Steelers
    Corey Sears UFA Texans
    Raheem Brock UFA Colts
    Rob Meier UFA Jaguars
    Lionel Barnes UFA Jaguars
    Jason Gildon UFA Jaguars
    Shawn Johnson ERFA Titans
    Carlos Hall RFA Titans
    Bryant McNeal ERFA Broncos
    Marco Coleman UFA Broncos
    Reggie Hayward UFA Broncos
    Anton Palepoi UFA Broncos
    Bobby Hamilton UFA Raiders
    Robert Pollard ERFA Chargers
    Alex Brown RFA Bears
    Aaron Kampman RFA Packers Packer again, I think we were waiting just in case.
    Bryce Fisher UFA Rams
    Erik Flowers UFA Rams
    Kyle Vanden Bosch UFA Cardinals?? Wrapped up by Titans??
    Chike Okeafor UFA Seahawks
    Brandon Mitchell UFA Seahawks
    Karon Riley UFA Falcons
    Kavika Pittman UFA Panthers
    Tony Bryant UFA Saints
    Darren Howard UFA Saints
    Derrick Burgess UFA Eagles
    Hugh Douglas UFA Eagles ---- Old Guy
    Ron Warner ERFA Redskins
    Demetric Evans RFA Redskins

    These are the ones I know of that are off the list.
    That list appears to be from last year :???:

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    Re: Viking - DEFENSIVE - Line

    i still hope we plan on keeping johnstone
    ************************************************** ********

    Vikings | Johnstone to shop around
    Tue, 14 Mar 2006 05:49:32 -0800

    Sean Jensen, of the Pioneer Press, reports free agent DE Lance Johnstone (Vikings) is setting up visits with other clubs. "I've had significant conversations with three clubs the last 48 hours regarding Lance," agent Joel Segal said.
    ************************************************** **********

    We may lose some depth if Johnstone takes off.

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