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    Viking backup QB should be a concern

    [size=13pt]Backup QB should be a concern[/size]

    Mike McFeely, The Forum
    Published Thursday, July 26, 2007

    ....Problem is, Childress has left himself no safety net. That, more than his choice of who’s starting, is where Childress has opened himself for criticism.....

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    Re: Viking backup QB should be a concern

    We will run the ball and limit the amount of passes thrown, so if T-Jack gets hurt or is pulled Brooks will have to just play in the system. Quik short passes with some YAK and run the rock. We'll be fine.

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    Re: Viking backup QB should be a concern

    Reality is, at this juncture, the question mark is the perceived starter.
    The backup is a proven mediocre player.
    The overall concern is the QB position, like most of us have talked about ad nauseam.
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