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    Viking autographs

    Just got my authentic AP jersey and i was wondering where is the best spot at the dome is to try to catch the players on gameday?
    I will be coming down for the Carolina game and i want to try to get him to autograph it.

    Any info is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Viking autographs

    Usually after the game when they come out to the parking lot may be the only time that i know of but it is extremely hard. There is a stair well that leads put to the employee/player personal lot that you can stand out by, but you may be tter off trying to catch him at a non game function event. Good Luck!

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    Re: Viking autographs

    Best to catch them at an event, for sure.
    They have more time.

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    Re: Viking autographs

    Here are my autographs from the Vikings vs. Cowboys preseason game last week:

    [img width=450 height=337]!.jpg[/img]

    Starting from the top left-hand side:

    Adrian Peterson #28
    Tyrell Johnson #25
    Jeff Dugan #83
    Bobby Wade #19
    Jared Allen #69
    Pat Williams #94

    Also got Ryan Longwell's but he decided to sign the back for some reason.

    Got Jared Allens before the game while he was warming up.
    All the others came after the game while they were making their way to the team bus.

    Find out where they come out and be ready with whatever you want signed and a Sharpie.
    Good Luck!
    Go Vikings!

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