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    Re: Vikesgeek claims inside information on the draft...

    I think its a safe bet the Vikes do not have the "grapefruits" nor the ammo to move up and take one of the top 3 and thats fine by me.
    They are all a risk.
    For every Aikman there is a Leaf, For every Bledsoe there is a Mirer.
    Some question trading for Schaub...but think about for a min...
    Wasnt there this guy sitting on the bench in Atlanta a long time ago that the cheesheads traded for? Yeah I know we dont mention that A-hole around here, but you cant deny he's had a "decent" career.
    They gave up a # 1 to get him not really knowing what the future held.
    Why cant we roll the bones and take a shot....ya never know???
    When All else least theres Football. Beer, and Women (not necessarily in that order)

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    Re: Vikesgeek claims inside information on the draft...

    Just Say No to Vince a 'Huskers fan, believe me, I know how talented he is...I just see a big Michael Vick; takes too much time to be a great passer if you aren't already. Stay where you are, take Ernie Sims, Chad Greenway or Tye Hill as #1 pick then follow-up with a coachable QB prospect like Whitehurst. However, if DeAngelo Williams is available at #1...grab him and don't look back.

    Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent
    As a matter of fact, I do know

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    Re: Vikesgeek claims inside information on the draft...

    "Navycoach" wrote:
    Hey all, I know I haven't posted much lately . . . busy busy at work recently. Only really had time to browse around a little and take a look at some of your thoughts.

    Anyways, was snooping around ESPN today and found Mel's Big Board. Very interesting reading . . . he has Jay Cutler falling to #20 in the draft. If that happens, should we grab him at 17? What are your thoughts . . . my apologies if this is a repeat post. Here's the link:

    Mel's Big Board
    If he pulls an aaron rodgers you have to draft him. If you miss out on the overhyped player to pick a less hyped player the fan base will be angry. If he turns out to be a bust you can't blame a coaching staff for not knowing that and missing out on the next Cris Carter or Barry Sanders.

    Make the fan base happy, pick the player with lots of hype if he falls. I mean, he has to be hyped for a reason.

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