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    Vikes were cheated in every way

    First off the vikes should have had home field advantage they were cheated out of that with bogus calls vs the steelers and the bears.

    I felt like the actual game the officials were unfair in many ways. The officials letting the saints get away with many late hits and I dont understand why. Then in the end the officials become petty and make false calls. I just dont see the logic of letting many obvious late hits with head hunting and going low go then in the end blunder the game away with awful calls. Every replay went against the vikes period, Its as if corrupt george bush sr was deciding these.

    A lot of people will argue if the vikes didnt turn it over they win. Well thats part of the game getting unfair calls is not.

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    Re:Vikes were cheated in every way

    There is a discussion already going on about this.

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