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Thread: Vikes vs Pack

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    Vikes vs Pack

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    Vikes vs Pack

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    Vikes vs Pack

    Here are my assesments of the game: Defensively we showed the ability to force turnovers, which has been lacking since the 15-1 season in 1998. Claiborne is going to be a big time playmaker for our D this year. Hovan was quite, mostly because of constant double teams. I was a little disappointed in our other D lineman, the got no pressure on favre, facing 1-1 blocking. They were facing a good packers offensive line and should be able to get a lot more pressure next week against a bad bears O-line. Our secondary was pretty good. Their was good coverage on all 4 of the int's, Chavous's int in the endzone, walker had good coverage on the int that bounced off the WR, and Russell was in good position even though the TE tripped on his int. I don't know if it was the defensive play calling that changed at th end of the game, or the secondary, but it was way to conservative. Chavous, Walker, Russell, and Brian Williams all had good games and their confidence should have grown.

    Offensively: We looked really good on offense. I was kind of looking forward to seeing Onterrio playing some, but Doug and Moe did excellent jobs. The O-line did a good job of pass blocking(although I think the packers O-line out played ours when it came to pass blocking). DAUNTE, PLEASE LEARN HOW TO HOLD ON TO THE BALL WHEN RUNNING WITH IT! His fumbles, especially the 2nd one, really make me mad. He needs to put 2 hands on the ball when running in traffic, since he has such small hands. Daunte did a great job of not forcing throws. He took what was there, and was still able to get the ball to Moss a bunch. I was a little suprised with how the packers single covered Moss more than anybody has in a while. We also have to remember that this was the first game of the year, and our offense looked pretty good considering that.

    Special Teams: Not sure what Eric Kelly was doing on that punt, thank god that worked out for us. Elling did an excellent job of kicking, both field goals and kickoffs. He doesn't kick his kickoffs deep, but he gets pretty good hang time on them, which makes up for his lack of distance. Eddie Johnson didn't punt the ball very well, but he is a rookie. He did a good job of getting that one punt off that was almost blocked. Hopefully he will get more comfortable out there and start booming them out there with the strong leg we know he has. Returns and return coverage was nothing special.

    Refs: They still tried to screw us as much as possible. That pass interference call on Moss was crazy, he pushed off more on the TD, when they didn't call it. What in the world happen at the end, when the packers called a timeout and they didn't have any? They clearly called a timeout, right to the ref, and then no penalty? That is why Tice was so furious on the sidelines, and he should have been, not sure how they justified not calling a penalty for that. Luckily we blew them out in the first 3 quarters, so the refs couldn't give them the win some how.

    Overall: Even though it was just one game, I can say that I am really excited about this team. They are going to be a very dangerous team, especially if they continue to force turnovers on D. I can say now with a lot more confidence, that we have a shot at going 11-5 or maybe even 12-4. I will still be very happy with 10-6, which is what I predicted before the season started, but I have more confidence in our team now.

    Bring on Chicago, did anybody see them play today? if we loose at home to them next week, I am going to be furious. Kordell sucks, like I have been saying, and I predict a much easier win for us. We will need all the momentum possible heading into week 3 against detroit, they looked like they could give us trouble in 2 weeks.

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