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Thread: Vikes vs. Bucs

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    Re: Vikes vs. Bucs

    Vikes 32
    Bucs 14
    Our D will eat them alive.
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    Re: Vikes vs. Bucs

    Im calling 20-10, with us getting 1 defensive TD. The Bucs defense is good, dont underestimate them...we wont score many TDs. The gaping problem for them is that their offense just flat out sucks. I dont see them scoring more than 1-2 TDs, no way.

    Man, its going to be weird seeing the Vikes winning games with lower scores...its used to always be a shootout!

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    Re: Vikes vs. Bucs

    i think the vikes will score more then 20 points they are still a top thrat offense remember.

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