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    Quote Originally Posted by Ltrey33 View Post
    Don't criticize them for generating turnovers, they're just doing their jobs.
    too bad they did their jobs 18.75% of the entire season... way to go guys!!...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flidais View Post
    Crappy record keeping is a pet peeve of mine (not to mention being a statistician, it's a professional no-no to keep such poor records). No excuse for the NFL to be crappy about their record keeping. Stats are kind of important to their industry.

    However, giving your comment benefit of the doubt, box score indicates 2 tackles, one by Allen and one by Winfield.

    1st quarter 1 sack
    At 9:55, on 1st and 10 GB 30, A. Rodgers sacked at GB23 for -7 yards (J. Allen)
    2nd quarter 2 sacks
    At 13:29, on 1st and 9 MN9, A. Rodgers sacked at MN18 for -9 yards (J. Allen)
    At 1:49, on 2nd and 8 - GB29 - A. Rodgers sacked at GB23 for -6 yards (A. Winfield)
    Just checked NFL.COM and the box score for that game gives him 2 sacks. So, I have to believe that the online box score is not the FINAL OFFICIAL SANCTIONED BY ROGER box score.

    Which is typical.


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