i know i havent posted much recently but i thought about how the loss and the doom and gloom on every vikings board.

however, look at the cardinals of last year, the last so many games they looked terrible and no one thought they would go to the superbowl. examples.lost to the giants 37-29 lost to vikings at hoome 35-14, lost to to eagles 48-20, LOST TO THE PATS 47-7. Yes 47-7, worse than the 26-7 blowout.

also keep in mind that the vikings historically never play well on the road, grass, and the cold. recipe for disaster here.

ANOTHER NOTE, when have the vikes ever won on the ROAD on SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL?

if my memory is correct, it was against the bears in 2000. YES, 2000 at soldier field on sunday night football. believe it or not, vikings have historically played like dudu on sunday night football, esp on the ROAD. this is a contiuing 9 YEAR STREAK of not winning on the road on sunday night football. i dont know why, but vikings just have trouble winning on snf.

So before everyone jumps off the bandwagon, this season isint over until the vikes lose in the playoffs.while they havent been playing well, they could get hot all of sudden at the most important time like the cards did last year and were minutes from beating the steelers in the superbowl.

just some food for thought instead of looking at lot of negative stuff.