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    Re: Vikes QB Problem

    We DO have a QB problem! Our starting QB has just suffered a major injury and faces a long recovery...but that is the ONLY problem...and it will be resolved once he comes back and reclaims his starting position and gets his issues adjusted by Coach Childress!!! GO DAUNTE!!!

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    Re: Vikes QB Problem

    Yah I couldn't have been more wrong guys..

    I guess he is dumber then I thought.. Just figured he would be a man and know this is his last shot.. No more fuck ups

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    Re: Vikes QB Problem

    i wouldnt mind brad johnson starting only this year, cause of daunte's injury hehe

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    Re: Vikes QB Problem

    I think we might have a hard time getting kitna. From what I have heard on the radio, they had someone from Cinny, is that they are prolly going to have to resign Kitna and give him a lot more than they would have had to before Palmer went down with the thorn ACL and MCL. Kitna knows their offense and has been fairly successful in it. I would love to see Kitna brought in here if BJ goes but it isnt sounding as viable as it did a week ago.

    and I am pretty sure Marcus was arrested for brandishing a gun to different people coming by and he turned himself in. I am all about giving guys second chances and taking risks on them in later rounds in the draft. Unfortunately I cant say this about Marcus, this guy is just an idoit and really doesnt get it.

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