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    Vikes QB Problem

    OK, we got Culpepper who I think most people agree won't be the starter this coming season. Possibly he will be able to move to that position by mid-season but realistically he won't be the QB he once was until 2007.
    Then we got Brad Johnson who did a great backup job this season but is getting a bit older each year and who wants to be a starter (which he could be for the Vikes at the beginning of the year) but he's great trade material.
    After that we got zilch. So what do we do in the off-season or for that matter who do we start next fall? Do we start Johnson, (the logical thought) and pray he doesn't get injured? Do we look for a FA? But then who would come in here knowing they would play behind Johnson and if he doesn't get hurt would not play when Culpepper rehabs fully?
    Do we want to use a top draft pick on a QB of the future with the thought that maybe Culpepper may never return to form?
    I'd like to hear your serious thoughts on this.
    Myself, I think we should look for a good QB, (not Young or Lienart) but maybe a good one that we can get somewhere down a bit in the first round. As I recall, we got three first round picks don't we? I know many won't agree with this because they are enamored by Culpepper and their hopes and dreams of his return. But I think we have to plan for a "what if."
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    Re: Vikes QB Problem

    I would simply tell Johnson there is no guarantee he is starting. Depending on where Culpepper is depends on how much Brad will play.

    If Brad wants a trade I go to FA and sign Kitna.

    If he wants to stay and show Culpepper up again then we have no QB problem.

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    Re: Vikes QB Problem

    I feel we should pick one up in the draft as insurance, then again im not a huge culpepper fan

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    Re: Vikes QB Problem

    Good take, Del!

    I, for one, don't want us to use our earlier draft picks on a QB (RB and LB are much higher priorities, unless we address those positions in FA). I am sure that if Brad can find a place where he could start (Jets? Fins? Raidahs?), then he should make it happen...otherwise, he should just plan on being the starter at the beginning of the season here (if Daunte is not ready yet, which is a distinct possibility).

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    Prophet Guest

    Re: Vikes QB Problem

    I'm guessing that Childress will pick up an older veteran QB if BJ walks. Someone to tide the Vikes over until Culpepper is back in the saddle.

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    Re: Vikes QB Problem

    Agreed. If BJ asks for a trade we should look for a veteran QB in the FA. We have more important needs in the draft. As far as FA QBs go, I think Cincin will try to keep Kitna now that they have their own QB knee problems, but we could probably get a veteran QB who will be willing to take a back seat to Dante.

    I don't think BJ will leave though. He is a smart man, and he knows that even as the backup he will likely be starting the first quarter of the season. And if DC cannot recover from his knee injury as fast as we all hope, then BJ may actually get the job (Childress said the DC was the starter WHEN HE GETS HEALTHY). He has made his wish to be the starter known, and that is all he has to do right now.
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    Re: Vikes QB Problem

    Why does Brad have such a ego now? He was all fine with being a back up here and now that he went out and won us some games he wants to start or nothing else? Correct me if im wrong.

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    Re: Vikes QB Problem

    2006 NFL Free Agents

    Anthony Wright
    Charlie Batch
    Chris Simms
    Chris Weinke
    Craig Nall
    Damon Huard
    Dave Ragone
    Doug Flutie
    Drew Brees
    Jamie Martin
    Jeff Blake
    Jeff Garcia
    Jesse Palmer
    Jon Kitna
    Josh McCown
    Ken Dorsey
    Kliff Kingsbury
    Kurt Warner
    Sage Rosenfels
    Seneca Wallace
    Shane Matthews
    Shaun Hill
    Tim Hasselbeck
    Todd Collins
    Ty Detmer
    Vinny Testaverde

    Linkie.... Free Agents

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    Re: Vikes QB Problem

    WOW! That list is loaded with talent!


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    Re: Vikes QB Problem

    There's only one name on that list that I would expect to make it to the open market and that would be worth signing, and that is Kitna.

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