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    Re: Vikes Push $13.2 Million Into 2008 Cap

    Cooley signed a 30 million dollar contract extension last week so take him off the list.Romo will re-sign with the cowboysbefore the season is over.Starks is an interesting option but i think our o-line will hold up

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    Re: Vikes Push $13.2 Million Into 2008 Cap

    "Mr" wrote:

    A league source tells us that the recent contract extension signed by Vikings defensive tackle Pat Williams has allowed the team to carry a whopping $13.2 million in 2007 cap space into the 2008 cap year.


    Sounds good to me, I don't think there are too many guys we'd have to extend during the season, and if there are we have the money to do so. So come the 2008 off season our cap space is gonna go up $13.2 million. Maybe we'll invest in a shiny new RT(Starks *fingers crossed*) and another receiver maybe. We really don't have many positions to fill, unless some of the new talent really doesn't pan out.

    I'm so glad we signed Phat Pat to an extension! He's a beast!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Re: Vikes Push $13.2 Million Into 2008 Cap

    [size=13pt]Williams' extension eats up salary cap space[/size]

    Pioneer Press

    Article Last Updated: 09/13/2007 12:08:05 AM CDT

    After leading the NFL with $19.2 million in salary cap space earlier this week, the Vikings have significantly reduced that number with some nifty maneuvering in defensive tackle Pat Williams' contract.....

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