Here, in my humble opinion, is the list of "issues", from most critical to least critical:

a. Turnovers. If you don't control the ball in the modern NFL, you lose. That simple. You have to have a positive takeaway/turnover ratio to win. The Vikings are turning the ball over a LOT, and that is just the end result of the other issues, which I now list:

b. Penalties and lack of mental focus. Each drive is killed by offensive line movement, holding, or illegal procedure. Part of this is the off.coordinator's fault - oops, sorry, I forgot we don't have one. but penalties kill drives. Taken together with turnovers, this is enough to lose each and every game in the NFL.

c. Bad coaching. This actually results in a and b. above. I see a lack of fundamentals, I see a lack of focus, and of "killer instinct". I see a lack of leadership. Guys will need to step up, and soon.

d. Lack of consistent play calling. It is one thing to have plays set up to create drives. It is another thing to throw all the plays into a hat and then just pick them randomly, which I think the Vikings are now doing.

e. Bad decisions by Daunte. Daunte needs to make faster reads and either throw fast, or run it. I DO, however, see Daunte improving here, and I feel it will get better as the year progresses.

f. "Gel". The team has not played long enough together. They need better on-field communication and they need to just play together longer. That will come, I think.

All-in-all, I see too many mistakes. I hope they turn it around. I as a fan don't "demand" that they win. What I do "demand" is that they try and I think they are doing that. I want to just see them not get embarassed. I think they need to take this one step at a time. The solutions are all the opposite of the issues: focus, don't get dumb offensive penalties, don't turn the ball over, call plays that make sense, and get Daunte to release faster. Time will heel some wounds, but the long term issue of coaching is not going to go away until Tice and Co. go.