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    Re: Vikes need to win by 19 points....

    BearsFag wish he had the opportunity to be on a love boat.. but his dad has no time for him.. so sad.

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    Re: Vikes need to win by 19 points....

    "BearsFanGrrrr" wrote:
    bbq pus, I find myself feeling sorry for you and your team. As you and your lame team wallows is mediocurty for the rest of your lives ! :roll: Your team will never amount to anything more then cannon fodder for the rest of the NFL. Point in case, "the LOVE BOAT" and the "the Whizzinator" ! :shock: What bafoons you all are. :twisted:
    Sit back and enjoy DA BEARS winning the SB !
    It is time for you to BOW DOWN to the NFCN CHAMPS ! Your Chicago BEARS ! :grin:

    GO BEARS ! :lol:
    I imagine your playoff run will be worse than "mediocure" as you start facing the likes of the Seahawks. At least our coach isn't named "Lovie." Who gave him that name? I'm not sure, but it was probably you, douchebag. You seem to be really great at inventing words. I'm pretty sure you won't find the word "bafoon" in Webster's Dictionary, except for maybe the Horribly Misspelled Edition. But, all football aside, here's a message for you that is within your feeble-minded first-grade reading level: you are at least the 17th-biggest idiot in the history of time, ranking in front of Richard Simmons but behind 16 Van Halen fans.

    "This is my timey-wimey detector. It goes ding when there's stuff."

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