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    Re: Vikes hire new receivers coach

    Plus the only reason they had the not horrible recieving yards and receptions was because they got the number 2 or 3 Tight End in there Alge Crumpler

    quote author=UffDaVikes link=topic=30766.msg524668#msg524668 date=1169008362]
    Apparently he knows a kickass offense when he sees one.
    I also laughed for a minute when i read this
    "Some Coaches pray for wisdom. I pray for 300 lbs. lineman. They give me plenty of wisdom"
    -Chuck Noll

    R.I.P. Sean Taylor

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    Re: Vikes hire new receivers coach

    "singersp" wrote:
    Posted on Thu, Jan. 18, 2007

    [size=13pt]Receivers get a new coach[/size]

    Stewart hired to repair a problem area

    Pioneer Press
    I think I missed this thread, or more likely, forgot about it.
    First, I don't like the guy's name.
    George Stewart, I must be having an acid flashback because that name has 'change me' written all over it.
    Can TWill be coached?
    I say hell no, he can't catch passes that a 6 yr old kid can make in the back yard.
    There is no doubt that the Vikings need some help in the receiving category.
    Ok, now back to reality.
    The guy has over a few decades of experience and the receiving corps has nowhere to go but up.
    I just don't like the taste in my mouth after reading about him tutoring the Mexico brigade for the last four years, but that could have something to do with me not brushing my teeth today.
    I hope he pans out.
    For God's sake George, change your name.
    I'm done with acid and anything that trips off a flashback is typically not a good sign.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: Vikes hire new receivers coach

    We can only hope, that he can help the WRs play better next year!!
    Troy is still young, only 2 years NFL exp.
    They say a lot of WR break out in their third year...maybe he'll get it together.

    I think they should set up a bunch of jug machines in a circle like they do at the combine etc...the more you do anything, the better you get at it!
    And run the routes in practice more, with and without opposing D, get TJack on the same page and in rhythm!!!
    Let see some KAOffense!!!
    Control the line, control the time, and give your D a chance to shine!!

    "Balance it on end and thats the third side of the coin!!" -wookiefoot

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