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    As a Vikes fan would you support an Arena Team?

    I have watched the Arena League for a few years now and have really gotten into it. Especially since there are a few players with some MN ties that are dooing OK in the league. I know we had the Pike here and they lasted only a season. But I would love to see them have another team here, especially now with the Excel Center. But would you as a Viking fan support a team here especially since they play off season from the Vikes? I have asked a few freinds and who are all football fans some Vikes some fr other teams but they said they would more than likely at least follow the team.
    BUt it seems like a like/hate type of thing with the AFL

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    Re: As a Vikes fan would you support an Arena Team?

    If they got air-time on television, I wouldn't have any problems following a Minnesota AFL team.

    Hell, if I were in better shape, I would even train and try out for the team.
    Vegans are eating the rainforests. =(

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