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    Re: Vikes discussion on Mike&Mike today (ESPN)

    Pat Williams told the star tribune that he's ran into the Bus before and that he isn't that tough....Fat Pat will wrangle him and beat him to tha floor! Did anyone see the thing on Fox before the game last Sunday? It showed Bettis on Mondays and he could barely walk down the stairs....the guy's a bad hit away from being off the field anyways....


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    Re: Vikes discussion on Mike&Mike today (ESPN)

    Tice & the Vikings will win this game. Steelers are not as good as they use to be. The Vikings just need to get a decent lead and force the Steeelers into passing. Our run game has got to be there. But you can throw on the Steelers!

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    Re: Vikes discussion on Mike&Mike today (ESPN)

    "ColoradoVike" wrote:
    I wonder if they take into account that the bears D played pretty bad that day. the tackling up front was just awful at times. I hope the bears D bends like that for the vikes in week 17, but I think the steelers benefitted from a porous bears D last sunday.
    heck yeah they looked like the rams trying to tackle out there i thought it was funny watching chicago try to tackle people; i guess thats what the cold and snow does to people. trying to stop bettis on muddy cold ground is a hard thing to do i'd like to see how that old man can run on turf? and im looking forward to seeing atlanta beat up on chicago too.
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    Re: Vikes discussion on Mike&Mike today (ESPN)

    "StillPurple" wrote:
    I heard Mike (Golic) and Mike (Greenberg) talking about the Vikings this morning on ESPN radio. Some of the things they said:

    - The Vikings have surprised themselves with the win streak. Each game they say 'wow, we are good'.

    - They only have beat one good team during the 6-game win streak (NYG)

    - Losing Culpepper forced them to run the ball more and throw less. Thus, less interceptions. Brad Johnson was thus good, because he forces them to be more balanced.

    - The Steelers game will tell if they are "for real". Golic thought the Steelers would win by not turning the ball over, and just doing what they did against Chicago.
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    Re: Vikes discussion on Mike&Mike today (ESPN)

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "JDogg926" wrote:
    I haven't been this anxious about a game this early in the week in quite some time.
    I hear ya! Both of us being so close to Pitt. makes it very exciting. Not to mention the thousands of Steelers fans in Ohio.
    I have been pretty anxious about the game too. Haven't really felt this way since before we first played the Packers this year. But remember at that point, we hadn't been doing so hot and our record wasn't so far off from the Pack. But anyways, the Steelers are a completely different story. We HAVE to win this game, not like I need to really say that cause we all know. But it's like if we win, we will prove a lot of people wrong. We will show everyone we are for real, and I will win 20 bucks! Hahah :lol:

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