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    Vikes Camp right now

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    Vikes Camp right now

    "ted nugent called. he wants his shirt back."-george clooney, ocean s eleven

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    Vikes Camp right now

    Hey all, i havent posted in some time, actually kinda slacked off checking up on news aswell..


    Vikes and Chiefs are in camp together right now, i love the idea of going against a nice team. But do you think Training and getting Teared to Peices from the KC offense is doing our D very good?, they could loose all confidnce and get confused. Ive heard Trent Green is Really making Havoc and is throwing downfeild at will. We have done a decent Job mainting the Priest though ive heard, Stupid Beikert put a late hit on the guy though(i like preiest more than beikert). Tice seems to think the D was a shambles because they were "nervous". Nervous???, playing over a month away from there first game playing in a quite casual Training game?, Hell what will they be like week 1 at green bay?

    Also im really mad about that late hit our Backup CB did on one of the Chiefs WR's, i think thats damm Bad, there 4th/5th WR i heard who has Shined all year might miss some time in the regular season because of a Stupid Viking. Tice also diddnt comment which i thought was quite poor. Just think if the same thing happened to Kelly Cambell....

    Anyway, Ive heard nice things from the offense, Culpepper hasnt thrown 1 INT as yet and he and moss are hooking up on some Rainbows...

    The thing ive noticed about Tice and his comments though. Every Comment on a player is real good, he never tells the Truth on everyone so im not taking to much in, i never really listen to Coach comments anyway. Only players...

    heres a link to Quotes from camp

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