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    LOVED this pick!! I thought he'd be gone in the third at the latest, so to get him where we did was pretty lucky I'm thinking. Only the 4th Guard off the board, eh? I guess, it is a devalued position, and there were so many top notch skill position players with way more impressive combine numbers in this draft.

    Upon some quick ranking searches, I find him all over the board. He's the 2nd best guard on walterfootball's list, but listed way down at 8th on cbssports, although they did have some tweener guys who can play OT too like Zach Martin listed as OGs...

    Still, I had LG near the top of my wishlist, and getting a solid guy who might just win the competition to start at LG in year one this late and allowing us to address several other needs with top notch athletes first looks like an awesome draft to me! Good Job Slick Rick!! Now it's up to Zimmer and company to coach 'em up!!

    Control the line, control the time, and give your D a chance to shine!!

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    dont let the door hit you in the ass charlie j...thank god

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    The more I see reactions on this guy, the more firmly I believe we got a STEAL. He was expected to go in the second round, but quite a few mocks had him in the first. There was just too much attention on the defensive side of the field, this was one of those guys that fell through the cracks.

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say Yankey will be with us a minimum of 5 years as a starting guard for our OL (never underestimate FA and such), and he might just be one of those 12-15 year guys barring injury.

    I hope I didn't jinx him, I normally do not make that type of wild predictions; but I really liked him for our 2nd round pick when the mocks gave us Mack int he first (so we skipped the QBs).

    I was sold on him then, and I see no reason to change my mind.
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    I think this was one of our best picks in the entire draft! I feel Yankey will push Charlie Johnson for his starting guard spot, and I wouldn't be surprised if Yankey starts on Day 1 of the regular season.

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    This pick is fantastic obviously. But the league as a whole clearly is starting to realize that interior linemen are (in general) a dime a dozen. A good tackle can be a great guard quite often ... so people take the more talented players with the better feet and see if they can fit them in.

    That said ... Yankey is still a VERY GOOD NFL guard prospect and helps us with a need right away. I think he has a very good chance of starting right away and making Johnson (who has experience everywhere on the line) a very valuable backup.

    Definitely one of our brightest spots in a very bright draft.

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