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    Del Rio Guest

    Vike fans can NEVER complain about refs again....

    What's your point?

    They played against a better team.

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    Vike fans can NEVER complain about refs again....

    That is debatable Del Rio as Philly is 3-0 and Indy is 2-1. Nevertheless Philly's defense is insanely better than Indianapolis'. Whereas I would say Indy's offense is only slightly better.

    The fact is So far we have both lost to good teams, but we managed to beat the bears.

    Our D has been far from impressive so far this season, but with the amount of injuries we are having and the mistakes we are making, we are still currently playing better than Green Bay.

    WE have moved the ball with ease in all of our three games, over 400 yards of offense in all three I believe. The only thing that seperates us from being an elite team right now is our mistakes, more specificallt penalties and fumbles.

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    Re: Vike fans can NEVER complain about refs again....

    "packmanxxxi" wrote:
    Two bullshit calls in two CRUTIAL situations... The phantom tipped pass and the offsides on the 2 pts conversion....
    The phantom tipped pass:
    Well, the refs originally threw the flag and called interferance. Then Tice threw a flag, talked to the refs, the refs huddled, and retracted the penalty. Good job by Tice in at least creating some uncertainty in the ranks. The only thing I saw on that play that could have created the tipped ball call was the fact that one of the ends came around behind Grossman, and swiped at the ball while Grossman was throwing it. That may have been when Tice argued it was tipped. The ball seemed to come out cleanly, and I didn't see a wobble, so I don't think the end got a piece of it. I think Tice talked his way out of a crucial penalty, and Lovie didn't argue back.

    The 2 point conversion
    The center for the Bears held the ball in an almost vertical position before the snap. He then rocked the ball forward to a horizontal position, and immidiately followed that motion with the snap of the ball, so it looked like one fluid motion. The Vikings defender, I don't remember who it was, started moving just after the ball was rocked forward, but slightly before the ball left the ground. I'm not completely sure of the rules as to when the ball is technically snapped, but from my understanding of the rules, the motion of the center rocking the ball forward is either the snap, or a false start. In either case, the fact that offsides wasn't called is correct.

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    Vike fans can NEVER complain about refs again....

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    What's your point?

    They played against a better team.
    do you beleave the patriots won all there games by alot of points they did not

    did the bucs the year before no thy did not

    i can go on and on but i wont i win is a win a loss is a loss

    record vikings 2-1 1-0 vrs div
    record packers 1-2 0-1 vrs div
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    Del Rio Guest

    Vike fans can NEVER complain about refs again....

    Oh no I'm not comparing the Eagles and Colts, I was comparing the Bears and Colts.

    Just find it funny that when we lose to the Eagles it's ok but when the Pack lose to the Colts they suck. As I see it right now the Pack are the strongest in the North. Their record may not reflect it, but we have looked really sloppy lately.

    As far as the D goes, P. Manning can pick apart an awesome D and make them pay so comparing the Green Bay D to ours this week isn't realistic at all.

    I love that the Pack lost, but I'm not surprised and I don't think their fans are either.

    I agree a win is a win. But that's not the song that was being sung when we lost to the Eagles now was it?

    No it was "The Eagles are a good team we expected to lose so your argument holds no weight"

    Well now they lose to a good team and you try rubbing it in. Just funny.

    And who cares about the Patriots? Every one brings them up. They lost some games won the superbowl they only won by a few points...what's your point? If the ref makes the right call, no one would be talking about them at all.

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