"whackthepack" wrote:

Ben Steele did not poke the ball loose, that is a bunch of crap Los and you know it to be true.

Steele came out today and said I had position the whole time (f*cking liar). We got reaped off and all you Greenbay fans know it! :bootyshake:
Whoa, dude...I wasn't making the statement that I was supporting the Steele theory, I just stated that I would have wanted to see the rest of the video.

Also, josdin, I don't know if I agree that possession is a non-reviewable call. Tice was about to review the Fisher touchdown, but I think he actually listened to his coaches upstairs that he would have lost it. Possession in the endzone needs only be an instant to be a touchdown (as we know from the barely having to break the plane rule).

However, I want to say I've seen possession reviewed before. That, unfortunatley for you guys, isn't always having it for an instant, but often who comes out of the scrum.

I will say this. I think this whole reffing staff should be taken to task for the entire game that they called, not just the fumble. There were so many plays that needed review and clarification that I think they just plain sucked.