I was checking out the NFL Draft Mock 2013 | NFL Draft Mock Draft

and just love what they've got falling our way at the moment!!

1. Terrance Williams WR Baylor; "6'3", 205lbs and speed to burn - Terrance Williams is a flash on the field" Yup...need some of that! And it looks like he's good at catching the off ball...behind him, too high, too far etc! Terrance Williams vs Texas,OSU,Oklahoma,Missouri - YouTube
2. Kevin Minter LB LSU; "In terms of skill-set, Minter is a sound tackler, shows decent range in coverage and can plug holes in the running game with ease." Better coverage from the LB area just might go a long way toward fixing our pass D...at least vs. TEs.
3. Kawaan Short DT Purdue; 310 lbs of lane clogging DT would be a steal if he fell this far...at the very least he provides depth on the DL rotation. Maybe, he even attracts a enuf attention up front to open things up a bit for BR and JA!?

Marr, I'm not so sure about Smith...sure, he sucked his way through what? 7 different OCs in his first 7 years!? His last 2 games starting he's only missed on 1 throw/game!! Not a flashy guy, but a solid game manager, who, with another weapon or two outside, just might drive this Peterson-Powered Cadillac through the playoffs!!