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D is going to be freaking disgusting this year. Madieu and EJ being there for the whole season is going to be fun to watch.
Out safties are an issue. I don't think Williams is that great and Johnson has to prove that he isn't a liability.
In the cover 2, the safties are key and we have some question marks at both positions.
At least they are both athletic enough to make up for there mistakes a little bit.
Sharper wasn't a great safety at this point, but still better then Johnson.
So hopefully Johnson can progress and become the better half of our safety tandom.
There will always be questions when a vet leave's ala Sharper. Is debth a issue? Only time will tell, but I think Tyrell and Madieu bring center field coverage, and sideline to sideline speed, and overall are better run stoppers and tacklers than the departed DS. Tyrell will have some growing pains, but the time he spent playing for an injured MW last year will be invaluable helping his transistion to full time starter.