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Thread: Vegas odds

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    Vegas odds

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "GQVikesfan" wrote:
    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "GQVikesfan" wrote:
    "VikingNed" wrote:
    I'm really amazed that the line is at 20-1....Wish I was in Vegas now.....Not a big gambler, but I'de sure like to put $200 on them........

    would pay for a nice vacation somewhere, thats for sure...

    I would have guessed more like 8 to 1..........

    It's great to live in Vegas! :grin: But, I've never placed a bet on a sports game before.. and this year will be my first.
    I went to Vegas last fall. Loved it! Especially the weather!
    Yea the weather is phenomenal right now! By the way, where did you stay at when you were here?
    Harrahs. My wife was there for some meetings during the day. So, I was free to do whatever I wanted. Went to Hoover. That was awesome. Just walked around all day.
    Sweet, I like Harrahs! Did you eat at one of the restaurants there? The Range Steakhouse overlooks the Vegas strip. I used to hang around that casino alot.. I have friends that work there.
    My toys!

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    Vegas odds

    Pats and Eagles were at 4-1 :roll:

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    Re: Vegas odds

    "sabatajh" wrote:
    "XTAP59" wrote:
    "dr feelgood" wrote:
    Minnesota — 20-to-1
    Possibly the most intriguing line on the board. I like it, considering they have added S Darren Sharper, CB Fred Smoot, DT Pat Williams and LB Sam Cowart in free agency, along with MLB Napoleon Harris in the trade for Randy Moss. Oh, and the seventh overall pick as part of the Moss deal won’t hurt either. Could the departure of the overbearing Moss lift this team and its camaraderie to the next level? For 20-to-1 odds, I’d take that chance.

    Not a fan of gambling but, I'm in at these odds.
    You forgot to mention the loss of moss and how it will affect the teams offense as well. Tough to ewplace 15 TD's 1400 yards plus the field respect of opposing defenses.

    I think moss had 7 TD's last year and about 700 yards

    767 yards and 13 tds
    so yeah eatingpieinbed some friends of mine

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    Re: Vegas odds

    Last I checked Eagles were 4-1.
    Falcons were 10-1
    Panthers were 12-1
    Packers were 15-1

    If you include all the AFC teams the Vikings were tied for 16-20 place on the odds.

    How is it the Packers are more favored to win the Superbowl than the Vikings??

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    Re: Vegas odds

    i heard " ROAD TRIP "! back to luxor ! $100 right now , draft may change odds.

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