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    Re: V4L's Play By Play Jax Vs. Vikes 1st Half

    Ok, lemme start by saying nice post man. Way too much effort for me to outright call you an idiot like I sometimes do.

    I'll use the numbered approach on this one.

    1. How little credit have we given the offense for marching straight down the field (even though it was a short field) on our first drive. We sliced through them like butter. The reverse was nice to see because it actually worked, haha.

    2. I'm pretty sure that our D, even though stellar against the run, is liable to give up a 100 yard rusher at some point. With Jax's run game, it was very possible, but it did not happen at all. We made Garrard pass more than he has ever had to. That's great execution of a good gameplan. (The initial run by Taylor made me nervous though)

    3. Rght after a 13 yard run, the Jags call 3 straight passes. What? That is called leaving your strengths to try to take advantage of the opposition's weakness. I'm not a big fan of that strategy and Jax's first "real" drive is why.

    4. Frerotte was average by the stats but bad if you watched the game. His incomplete pass were bad misses. His INT was clearly his fault, as were two of the three sacks. Why he doesn't throw the ball away puzzles me.

    5. The bad punt coverage really disappointed me. I have wanted Ferraro gone before I knew his name, for a plethora of reasons. I have a theory in my head that it is almost impossible to score on our defense if the offense has to drive more than 60 yards. It's not totally true, but I get extra pissed when we give up good field position.

    6. I agree that the coverage on the Jax coverage was a bad playcall. The Jacksoville WRs have the major height advantage, so Frazier was probably thinking that they would toss a short fade. Winny was set up to cover the fade and the slant was wide open.

    7. McKinnie SHOULD have picked up Mathis on that sack. I also looked to see how open the the WR was on that blitz. Not very, we were running deep routes. The WR didn't cutoff his route to account for the blitz at all.

    8. Longwell had an AWESOME game.

    9. At 17-10 I was very nervous. Our offense had barely moved the ball and Jax was definitely in the game.

    10. Our DEs played well, but how many times did we see Garrard get flushed out of the pocket, scramble towards the sideline, and have ALL DAY to throw? It was weird to not see a DE hunting him down. KWill is not going to get there in time.

    11. I fully agree with sitting on it with 47 seconds to go and three timeouts. It had been a very weird half. Some would say we were lucky to have the lead. Gus was not playing well and had thrown a pick on the previous drive. Our previous 3 drives had netter us 40 yards. In other words, they had solved our offense. Note that Chilly did try to drive and score with 2:40 left, but with 47 seconds left it was time to get into the locker room and regroup.

    12. I also disagree with the "use AD more statement." Because he was benched for the first two drives, and our offense was stagnant, there simply were not many oppurtunities to get him the ball. We ran 20 plays from scrimmage in the first half and we called AD's name on 6 of them. So he got the ball more than 25% of the time, and thats including the two drives in which he sat out for. During that same span Chester had 4 carries, and one intended pass that was incomplete. 11 runs, 9 passes. At the same time, there were some instances where I think you run again, like when your stud just ripped off a 21 yard gain, you run it again.

    Tough half, but Jacksonville is the type of team we are built to beat. Take away their run and force them to pass. I thought the same was true of Tampa, but Garcia's scrambling ability changed everything.
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    Thanks Josdin!

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    Re: V4L's Play By Play Jax Vs. Vikes 1st Half

    Have you seen that Jville run game in action this year? My fantasy fotball team is ruined. They have done nothing all year long. Nothing.

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