In an article I wrote a few weeks back, I talked about Brian Robison addressing to a group of stadium supporters at a Minnesota Momentum appreciation event at training camp in Mankato:
That focus on moving forward, competition, and playing disciplined football falls in line with the team goals. Robison shared that there are three team goals and, considering the team finished last season 3-13, they seem audacious. However, audacity doesn't make something unattainable, it makes it a challenge. The team goals are to 1) win the NFC North division, 2) clinch a first-week bye in the playoffs, 3) win the Super Bowl.
Time will tell whether the team reaches those goals this season. Vikings fans likely have doubts, but I would guess 49ers fans had doubts heading into 2011 too.
Okay, I wrote that, but I didn't really think the Vikings were going to find a way to win last Sunday. After the messy loss to the Indianapolis Colts, it was hard to believe that the Vikings were even capable of the dominant and largely error free coup that they pulled off yesterday at the Mall of America Field. But having seen the Vikings not only beat a team that plays balanced, disciplined football, but to do it by playing better balanced, disciplined football than the's hard to write off those goals as simply locker room bravado.
I mean, it is locker room bravado, but that doesn't mean Robison is wrong.
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