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    Update on E.J Henderson

    He is confident he will play this year aUU

    "Oh Iím definitely going to play football again," he said. "I really donít think thatís a question at this point barring some freak occurrence. But Iím definitely going to play football again. Itís just a matterr of will I be back in July or August.Ē

    Chip messed up the word
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    Re:Update on E.J Henderson

    Great post!!!!!! I've been hopeing to hear something positive on EJ and the fact he thinks he'll be back by August is amazing. Ill keep my fingers crossed because if he can come back at 100% it would be huge!!!

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    Re:Update on E.J Henderson

    We still need to sign more linebackers.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re:Update on E.J Henderson

    Henderson's defense against the run were great, but his coverage skills have not been. How much this sets back his normal progress is unknown. How he reacts to roll blocks is also unknown.

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    Re:Update on E.J Henderson

    Thanks for the read my friend.

    This is excellent news. Lets hope it is sooner rather than later, however, I am still watching what the staff does with respect to looking at a Vet MLB as a gauge for his return.

    If they go ahead and bring in someone just before camp, that will be a clear indication that he isn't gonna be a viable answer at MLB, at least initially.

    My guess, if that happens, is that Jasper will get the nod at the starters spot and the Vet will be brought in for backup duties.
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    Re:Update on E.J Henderson

    Glad to hear that level of confidence from EJ. I think he realizes that it was a once in a life time accident, not likely to be duplicated. Maybe this will spur the coaching staff to teach tackeling instead of just throwing your body in way of a ball carrier.

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