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    Re:Unnamed Opponent Slams McKinnie, Other Vikings


    We have what is (according to those rankings, anyway) the 8th ranked pass protection in the League. Could be better, yeah, but it could be a lot worse. At least our guys aren't ranked as low as these schmucks:

    No. 29 -- Buffalo Bills
    No. 28 -- Washington Redskins
    No. 26 -- Dallas Cowboys
    No. 25 -- Chicago Bears
    No. 24 -- Green Bay Packers
    No. 20 -- Detroit Lions
    No. 17 -- Arizona Cardinals
    No. 14 -- New York Giants
    No. 11 -- Philadelphia Eagles

    12 teams that we play this year
    have worse pass-blocking than we did (according to those rankings, anyway). Think The Four Norsemen aren't salivating?

    Here's some more statistical recollection, supposition, and prognostication:

    (BTW, I'm just going with a sack/passing TD ratio, to stay with the pass protection theme of this post...not counting hurries, since I just don't have that kind of time or patience to devote. LOL I'll also note when I'm using all the team's QBs' stats combined if I'm not sure who the official QB will be this year.)

    Not sure who's under center for 2010, but going by the stats from last year, combined with the coaching overhaul, this seems like an easy day for our front 4. The sacks/passing TD ratio is 44/15, with all 3 QBs, not including hurries.

    Another tough one to call, due to not only a coaching overhaul, but they're also adding McNabb into the mix. In any case, the sack/TD numbers for Campbell were 43/20. I think the O-line is pretty much the same, but they need to adjust to new coaches, a new RB, AND a new QB. Sucks to be them.

    Romo's 34/26 sack to TD ratio is a little better, but our guys seem to have his number over the last couple games.

    Cutler's S/TD (haha) is 35/27. The homer part of me wants to say SWEEP! but the realist reminds me that they split games with us last year, and Cutler will have had another whole offseason to get in tune with his line, and vice versa. Add Chester Taylor into the mix. I see another split, at least.

    Aaron Rodgers probably isn't putting his O-line on his Christmas shopping list with a 50/30 ratio. Still, pulling off yet another sweep will be tough.

    Stafford had a much easier rookie season than David Carr, with a ratio of only 24 sacks, but 13 TDs is pathetic. I could be mistaken, but I think they had more passing TDs in '08...and that's saying something, if you recall their final win/loss tally.

    The first QB to have more TDs than sacks with 24/26...but unfortunately for the Cardinals, the guy who did it is retired. I think Arizona and Leinart will show by example just how big of a dropoff we'll experience when we go from a Hall Of Fame QB to a Hall Of Lame QB. I hope not, but as I've said before...this is T-Jack's last year to impress me (even if it's just in mop-up duty) before I completely give up on him.

    30/27 for Baby Bro Eli...not bad, but he has to come back to the Thunderdome where he's been terrorized the last few years.

    35/22 for McNabb, but as with Arizona, those numbers are a moot point...sort of. Kolb had a 3/4 sack/TD ratio, but it's gonna take at least a couple months for him to start gelling well with his O-line. It's a good thing we play them early on in the season...oh, wait...

    ================================================== =========

    Anyway...that's enough from me tonight. Hope it was worth your time reading it, and it gave some food for thought.

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    Re:Unnamed Opponent Slams McKinnie, Other Vikings

    i_bleed_purple wrote:
    MaxVike wrote:
    i_bleed_purple wrote:
    MaxVike wrote:
    i_bleed_purple wrote:
    You know what, their offensive line is not that good. They’re way overrated. It’s unbelievable. If they didn’t have Brett Favre, the number of times he gets them out of trouble is amazing. Left tackle Bryant McKinnie, it’s a joke that he made the Pro Bowl. A joke. …

    “They have excellent speed at receiver. They have good balance at tight end—Visanthe Shiancoe can make big plays down the field, and Jimmy Kleinsasser isn’t what he used to be but still gives you a good day’s work. Jeff Dugan is solid. … Adrian Peterson is a little bit feast or famine. I think it will hurt them that they lost Chester Taylor because that was an excellent 1-2 punch. …

    “Defensively, they’re solid. They do a good job stopping the run, and they get after the quarterback. Ray Edwards is a good player; Jared Allen is an excellent pass rusher. But Kevin Williams, he’s the best guy they have up front. At linebacker, I don’t know what’s going to happen with E.J. Henderson and his injury. Chad Greenway is a playmaker. …

    “In the secondary, Antoine Winfield is a tough, physical tackler and by far their best guy back there. They don’t have a weak defense, but the lowest part of their defense is their secondary. That’s not to say they’re bad. I just don’t think they’re at the same level as the front.”
    That seems 100% accurate to me
    This is nothing more than a rant from a sour grapes player that the Vikes beat last guess a defensive lineman. According to, the Vikes had the 5th ranked offense in terms of yards, the 17th ranked offensive line, were #2 in touchdowns, and #2 in PPG. The Vikes had a great year and this cowardly, "unnamed player" can kiss my ass.
    enlighten me then. What did he say you didn't agree with? He didn't say the Vikings were a bad team, or overrated. He pointed out the flaws on the team, which are fairly evident.
    To start, I should have deleted your comment, because it really had nothing to do with my point. Your post was the most brief that contained the Player's, I was not challenging you.

    With that said, his opening salvo states that the offensive line is "way overrated." Who is "overrating" the offensive line that is a part of the 5th ranked offense, and #2 scoring offense? I agree that they are not the best, just thought his point screams of sour grapes.
    McKinnie: Incredibly overrated.
    Hutch was hurt
    Sullivan played mediocre at best
    Herrerra played poorly this year (aparantly he was hurt all eyar too)
    Load was a rookie

    We were given credit for line play, when really, our line play was quite bad. Only reason we did great is because we have superstars at skill positions.
    I don't know about the word incredibly. But he just can't handle speed DE's like Peppers, who unfortunately he'll be seeing twice this year.

    It's obvious that Sullivan and Load should make a jump in effectiveness having a year under their belt.

    I think there is reason to be optomistic about the Vikes OL.
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