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    Unknown Surprise in the Future

    I was listening to the PA & Dubay show this noon hour. They were talking with Mike Tice about free agency and the draft. Tice is happy with the FA's we have picked up so far. He states that he is not rushing to sign O. Gadsen and instead would like to stay with Alexander. Alexander apparently went into Tice's office after last season and stated that he was really disappointed about his injury and performance and is hell bent on proving everyone wrong whom thinks he was a mistake.

    Tice continued stating that he likes Gadsen size and as a poseesion reciever, but if they need a possesion reciever they could use the always dependable Walsh. Therefore, he likes Alexander because of his speed and ability to stretch the field. So, there is no rush for that signing.

    He did state that the Vikings may have another "surprise" up their sleeve for FA. He would not tip his hand though and stated that the Fans would be pleased. Therefore, could the Vikes be going "under the table again", like the Claiborne deal, and if so, good for them.

    Tice also addressed the draft. Apparently T. Suggs did not have an impressive work-out, slow speeds in the 40 and he just looked out of it. He was also down weight which is not good for a DE. Tice does still believe he could be a monster Player, but he could slip to #7. Tice, dispelled the myths that we are only looking at Robertson (Kentucky) and also mentioned the Georgia player and Kennedy from Penn State. He did not mention the order or preference because that hurt them last year when they were talking so much about wanting R. Simms.

    To end my report, the vikings work out sessions start March 31, 2003. But Tice stated that he was pleased with about 30 players who have started working out early, including the entire Offensive line. He told KFAN that as he was speaking on the phone, the whole starting line, as well as Lewis Kelly, Lacina, and Winthrow were throwing the weights around and running the mill. He is excited about Rosenthal whom he feels is an up and coming player. Also David Dixon and Lewis Kelly. Kelly apparently is smiling again and has gained back the weight he lost because of the sudden loss of his wife and child.

    Anyone want to take a Gander at what the surprise could be?

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    Unknown Surprise in the Future

    When it s all said and done, you ll have to admit we re number 1!

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