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    Uniforms: A new type of numbers game

    [size=13pt]Uniforms: A new type of numbers game[/size]

    Last update: September 07, 2006 – 6:32 PM

    When the Vikings redesigned their uniforms this spring, the first question was obvious: How do they look? The next query was more difficult to answer: Whose jersey will you buy?
    Former Vikings Randy Moss and Daunte Culpepper consistently ranked among the NFL's top 25 in jersey sales, often putting the Vikings among the league's top 10 overall sales. This season, even with the uniform change, the Vikings do not have a player among the NFL's top 25. Overall, their team merchandise sales rank in the "middle third" of teams, according to the NFL.

    Steve LaCroix, vice president of sales and marketing, said the team began its marketing push with 15 player jerseys and will expand the selection over time. Thus far, the Vikings' most popular jerseys have been quarterback Brad Johnson's No. 14, linebacker Chad Greenway's No. 52 and safety Darren Sharper's No. 42.

    "But there's not a lot of separation between them and the second tier," LaCroix said. "You're looking at a flat chart rather than a lot of spikes. I would say this is the first time in a while we've had jersey sales spread evenly among multiple players. There are no lone one or two standouts."

    Greenway's season-ending knee injury won't help sales, but LaCroix suggested that rookie Tarvaris Jackson's No. 7 could soon find its way into stores.

    Another popular item has been personalized jerseys, for which fans choose their favorite number and then get their own name put on the back.

    No surprise for a team in transition.


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    Re: Uniforms: A new type of numbers game

    If i find any i will defenitely buy a Wiggins jersey. I just think he is a cool sluggish kindof juggernaut creating havoc. I love his style.

    Birk, or one of the Williams would rank high on my list too.

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    Re: Uniforms: A new type of numbers game

    i thuoght Hutchinson would be a big seller or that Smoot would be up their with Sharper, i'm amazed at Johnson not selling as fast.
    no surprise at the custom jersey's what with Cullpepper going and so many other big name's for us.
    this season i got crazy B on my new jersey with 17
    still have to get the home jersey as it was out of stock when i got my away one.


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    Re: Uniforms: A new type of numbers game

    It's the people that bought K-Rob's jersey that I feel sorry for.

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