Hello fellow purple freaks!!!! Ive been buttering my bread over this weekends game. But let me tell you a tale.

Boss comes in this afternoon and lays some OU tickets on me for the mizzu game in Norman.... Im there go OU!!!! Then the wife comes in just now and shows me the Vikes and Broncs are here local on cbs.... Im in HEAVEN!!!! And to think I turned down Hogs tickets in Little Rock for the Gators whipping. I would rather be at a Hogs game than OU. But I dont do Little Rock... But MAN OU Live and Vikes on CBS... Im in Heaven!!!

And to a statement I saw in another thread about fare weather fans and all the noobs.... Im a noob to this place and its like heaven to me.. Being in Oklahoma and a vikes fan has been a hard row to hoe... But we got some game so let the folks pile on!!!!

What a weekend Im on!!!