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Thread: uhhh

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    Re: uhhh

    I agree about letting people post without arguing over the forum too much... One thing that does bug me though are thread names like this one "ughhh". Be descriptive whit the thread name, so people can tell if they want to read it or not.

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    Vikes2005 Guest

    Re: uhhh

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    The problem is this, when you join a board any board not just this one there are a set group of individuals that are more or less friends. The board has grown from the begining and trends are set almost in stone.

    That being said this board is one of the best boards at accepting new people that I have ever seen. And moderation is light and for the most part people get along.

    It is just common curtousey to follow the very few rules that this board or any board for that matter has. The most basic common sense things are

    1) Do not be too graphic/vulgar
    2) Do not flood the boards with duplicate posts
    3) Do not type in all caps
    4) Do not hump your sister
    5) Do not tell us about your third nipple
    6) Do not post stuff about the Detroit Pistons in the Viking forum

    Pretty simple. If you do choose to partake in the forbidden fruit you can also plan on being required to

    1) poke your eyes out with a bannana because you dont use them anyway

    2) check to see if your eyes are hooked up to your comprehension module

    3) Tell us about your third nipple

    4) Stop posting

    I like all the new people and from the lack of flogging I suspect most poeple do, but I would rather not hear from someone at all if they will not take the time to be some what respectful and patient.

    It's like if I had a sign on my house that said "new friends welcome come on in!" You walk in walk past me drop your pants and place a cleveland steamer on my carpet. I would put your nose in it and boot your butt outside. But here we say you know what buddy the poo poo goes in the bathroom. The living room is for big boy conversation.

    Or if you come in and say "HOW DO I MAKE A SANDWICH???" and in your excitement you blurted it out twice. Then after 4 seconds of no response you ask "HOW DO I MAKE A SANDWICH?????""HOW DO I MAKE A SANDWICH?????""HOW DO I MAKE A SANDWICH?????""HOW DO I MAKE A SANDWICH?????""HOW DO I MAKE A SANDWICH?????""HOW DO I MAKE A SANDWICH?????""HOW DO I MAKE A SANDWICH?????""HOW DO I MAKE A SANDWICH?????""HOW DO I MAKE A SANDWICH?????""HOW DO I MAKE A SANDWICH?????""HOW DO I MAKE A SANDWICH?????""HOW DO I MAKE A SANDWICH?????""HOW DO I MAKE A SANDWICH?????"


    It's not asking too much. Walk don't run.
    sorry, but I have to disagree with this comment vehemently....

    This is probably one of the worst boards on the net for accepting new people (2nd only to KFAN who has to repeatedly welcome every new member with: GFY FNG!)

    And it is by far THE worst at tolerating poster mistakes, such as an accidental double post or putting a topic in the wrong place...

    I'm sure that by your post count, you are a long timer here, and obviously have a biased about this place, so I don't expect you to understand, but I think the newcomers see it, hence this thread.

    The fact is, there are much better places for Viking fans to post. Places that have solid content, and good moderation, without having to rip on everybody.
    Places that just go ahead and move the topic and not say anything about it when it gets put in the wrong place.

    Here, one of the mods moves it, and then replaces it with a 3 page rant on why it's wrong to place a post in the wrong place... tell me, is that any better than the original misplaced post was? I don't think so.

    I know about 5 people that have been banned from this board in the past month, and all of them are adament about the fact that they did nothing to deserve it.
    All of them agree that the webmaster here is a headcase, with some personal control issues... and from what I've seen, I find it hard to disagree...

    I understand where you're coming from if your a long timer here, and love this place.... but you need to face the facts, this place is nothing more than a click for the 10-12 guys that have been here for the past 2 years.... for new people, there is no reason to stay. It's mostly garbage.

    (a click...I know, I dunno the langauge tooo good and stuff. I am a lamer who has to repeatedly spam to get members to my group of outcasts. Yeah! Someday I will do something orginal like a cleveland steamer in my burger)

    ALL have better conversation on their boards than this place. They welcome new members kindly, and have respect for everyone. They don't get on anyones case for not posting, posting in the wrong spot, or just because they haven't been around for the last 2 years.

    There's a reason why this thread has been created YET AGAIN. There is a new one like this almost every week on this board. Why do you think that is? Why do you think that somebody is calling your webmaster a tool at least once a week in a new thread? I know you'd like to dismiss it as "jealousy"... but you need to face the facts... nobody is jealous of this place. I'm pretty sure that most people see it for exactly what it is. Everybody except the 10 people that have been here since the beginning....

    by the way... the new changes to the board don't change anything. People don't care about the appearence. It looks a little better, I'll give you that. It's still the wrong purple, it's still difficult to navigate, and it's still entirely too busy.... but it does look better than it did before...

    Unfortunately, that's not what people care about. People want other die hard Viking fans to discuss the team with, that AREN'T a bunch of tools... until the webmaster fixes that flaw, I'm afraid this place will continue to rank in the basement of Viking fan sites.

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: uhhh

    Obviously you are talking out of your ass.

    Because there are a lot of people that contribute to this site outside of the 12 you are trying to say run the place in a tight knit click.

    I would take the time to rebute all the garbage you just spewed, but I just don't have it in me right now. I have only been here about 1 year. And in that time I have NEVER seen anyone get reamed or picked on for posting. Unless they were an obvious troll. If someone comes here talking about football, the chances they get reamed is about 0% even fans from other sites.

    Since you have one post, which ususally means you created another account to post your true feeling without fear of reprimand or you were kicked out because you broke some sort of rule, I personally can't take anything you just said seriously.

    The original poster had a point, and although I do not agree with it in it's entirety I respect it. You on the other hand are just hating. You must have been the guy that came here posting and endorsing your own vikings site and when we told you to get the fuck out you pissed and moaned and left.

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    Re: uhhh

    I think this forum has very little bitching about posts considering what you can read on other forums. In fact I used to post to another forum but came here because of both insulting posts and heavy handed moderating (deleting your post if you dared to post a link to another board). I guess they were afraid if you saw a well run board you might just leave. :grin:

    I don't think the moderating here is heavy handed. Occasionally I think some one is pissing and moaning about double posting a bit too much but that happens everywhere. You are going to get double posting about things when you have 2000 members and everyone wants to be first with the news. :lol: If you are posting something that was posted three times two days ago then expect to get flamed for it. :razz:

    Oh and Vikes2005 if this is the basement then WhyTF are you here posting? :thebirdman:


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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: uhhh

    There's a reason why this thread has been created YET AGAIN. There is a new one like this almost every week on this board.

    I am sorry you have no clue what you are talking about. In the spirit of which you speak I say there is the door get TF out.

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    Re: uhhh

    If the place is soooooo bad Vikes2005 why were you obviously lurking on here and reading Del Rio's post :scratch:

    I don't post a huge amount because I'm get confused as to which DJ topic to post in :lol:

    And for what it's worth I think this is a great site and I appreciate all the work Webby & the mods put into it. Then agin Webby told me if I didn't say that he'd ban me :wink:
    My head is spinning round, I don t know what to do...

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    Re: uhhh

    I have visited numerous other Vikings boards and SF Giants boards (if you can't put it together, yes that is my favorite baseball team) and there is NO forum that competes with PP.O.
    It is well managed and there is a solid group of guys here that tend to have good and solid opinions.
    Do I always agree with what the longtimers such as Del Rio say, hell no, but they are considerate when other opinions are posted and noone tends to be rude at any time.

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    Re: uhhh

    I belong to a number of forum type sites, for some of my interest.

    I can honestly say, I was welcomed here with open arms and really enjoy it here......This IS the Best Vikings site around.....

    And a very well organized and maintained site...One of my favorites

    I've always said, you get out of something, what you put in....

    As far as I can tell, it really doesn't take much to be accepted here, you just have to bleed purple...


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    Re: uhhh

    I think this is a great site! People who get slammed in this site are people who dont know how to follow rules. Its simple rules guys.. you follow it, you'll have a great time here. Plus, what other site has a member who tackled and knows Andre Dyson (Del Rio)? And what other site has a member doing Napo Harris's site and knows alot of athletes (Jackyl)? This place is my second home.. and I'm glad to be here to share my love for the Vikings with the rest of you. :salute:
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    Re: uhhh

    actually...i feel like this forum allows me to say what i want pretty freely...

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