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    Re: Uh oh.. Are we still confident.

    It's preseason and we have not played a meaningful game.
    No sense in jumping the gun here.

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    Re: Uh oh.. Are we still confident.

    "scottishvike" wrote:
    I'm more confident than I was at the start of pre-season, the defense is looking very impressive. OK we have lost the high powered offence, but what did we win when we had it? It's a cliche but defences win you championships and whilst we may not get as far as that I don't think there is to much too worry about just yet.

    Injuries happen to every team, fair enough losing Tank is a bummer but Greenway probably wasn't going to be an automatic starter anyway. As for K-Rob it's better that it's happened now than in the middle of the season, at least we can switch things around whilst we have the time.

    Just remember what the Bears did last year with no offence and a good D, the same could be said for the Ravens and the Bucs when they won the SB, and who was QB at Tampa that year?
    you have made me feel better, thank you
    i m better than you, so just give up...

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    Re: Uh oh.. Are we still confident.

    The team looks really good for a transition year. My biggest concern is the running game. In preseason we're getting more yards off the right side than the left. With our current WR situation, we need the running game to be a little more productive.

    On a plus, Williamson is coming along very nicely. I am really looking forward to see some yards after the catch. That is his strength. His speed comes once he has ball in hand. Hopefully Carter can give some of that from the 4th WR spot too.
    Halo 4. Start another fight.

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    Re: Uh oh.. Are we still confident.

    I've never been more confident than now. With each passing pre-season game, I see our D becoming a major force that most teams out there won't want to face.

    I see Brad J., standing tall and steady, like he always has, a true leader and smart QB. Nothing flashy about him, but he knows how to win.

    Don't tell me Chester leaves you worried, I haven't seen him pushed back yet and he drives hard, has very good vision and can catch the ball like a TE......

    So we lost K.Rob.
    TW, TT, MR, and what about this kid Carter......We are set with them alone, or pretty darn close to it.

    Sure, I was upset to see Chad hurt, and K.Rob relapse and lose out at a chance of a lifetime. But I've seen others step up and take charge, and for the first time in a long time I've seen coaches who love to coach, players who want to play, a Owner who wants to win and Fans that can hold their heads up high again..

    Our depth is looking alot better than I pictured it also, and thats a nice suprise to me....TJ at QB,,,,Farwell,,,,,Carter,,,,,Johnson.......Just to name a few...

    And lets not forget our kickers, two of the best in the league if you ask me....Longwell and Kluwe........NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    You bet, just what till the headlines are saying, "Look Who's Back, The Mighty VIKINGS" Thats who...... ;D


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    Re: Uh oh.. Are we still confident.

    Well said VikingNed. The running game is gonna be a work in progress but will come around. Viking Pride is about to rebound nicely as you gotta love the new direction this team has taken.

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    Re: Uh oh.. Are we still confident.

    The Greenway injury really hurts. I hate when I read comments from people trying to say it isn't a huge loss because he wasn't a starter. Greenway is a heck of a football player and even if we was not a starter, he was gonna see the field a ton and was a guy that at the very least, was gonna give us some talented depth at the WILL position. He also could have been a ST's stud on top of that. He will be missed a ton this year and his injury leaves us paper thin at LB. Hopefully our starters can sty healthy.

    One thing that does help us this year though, is the fact that we have great coaches and coaches that seem to be able to get the best out of their players. That, we have not had in the past and that should help us out if we do have to go to some of our less talented backups, when the inevitable injuries occur.

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    Re: Uh oh.. Are we still confident.

    I really like your optimism Ned. Even though I'm a little more in a 'wait and see' attitude, it makes me feel good reading a breakdown like that.

    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

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