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    Udeze injured, Erasmus may play. Dixon turns down Vikings

    Injury issues on defense worsen with Udeze news
    Kevin Seifert, Star Tribune
    September 29, 2005 VIKE0929.NOTES

    As they began preparing Wednesday for a game against arguably the NFC's top team, the Vikings were facing the strong possibility of playing without three defensive starters and two important reserves.

    Defensive end Kenechi Udeze is the latest addition to the Vikings' expanding injury list. Udeze's left knee, diagnosed Monday with a chondral defect, has been swelling and might also have an injury to the meniscus. He did not practice Wednesday and is listed as questionable on the injury report, but athletic trainer Chuck Barta said after practice that Udeze's status was growing "more doubtful" for Sunday's game against Atlanta.

    Rookie Erasmus James probably would start in Udeze's place.

    Two other starters, safety Darren Sharper (sprained left knee) and linebacker E.J. Henderson (sprained right ankle), sat out practice and were expected to test their injuries today in practice. Ken Irvin and Dontarrious Thomas, respectively, filled in for Sharper and Henderson.

    Meanwhile, pass-rush specialist Lance Johnstone visited Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Ala., for a second opinion on what has been diagnosed as a partially torn right pectoral muscle. According to Barta, Andrews concurred that Johnstone will not need surgery.

    Johnstone could practice today but is listed as doubtful on the injury report, meaning he has a 25 percent chance of playing. Earlier Wednesday, the Vikings ruled defensive back Brian Williams (sprained left knee) out of Sunday's game. Ralph Brown will serve as the nickel back. The Vikings are not certain if Williams, who suffered a second-degree sprain, will be ready to play in time for the Oct. 16 game at Chicago.

    Rookie role

    If he starts Sunday, James will have capped a tumultuous first month as a professional. The 18th player selected in the April draft, James was inactive for the season opener against Tampa Bay after being weakened by virus-like symptoms.

    "I had headaches, my lymph nodes were swollen, my skin felt really sensitive," James said. "There were a lot of things going on. But I feel a lot better now."

    James said the exact nature of his illness was never determined. He made his debut two weeks ago at Cincinnati and has been credited with one tackle and two quarterback pressures this season.

    The Vikings will need James at full strength Sunday against Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, who has scrambled for 175 yards this season.

    "I'm really excited," James said. "You see him on TV all the time and see what he can do. So you kind of want to go out there and keep him boxed and try to eliminate the things that he's done to a lot of other teams."

    Rookie role, Part II

    A day after using three players at right guard, the Vikings contacted semi-retired lineman David Dixon on Monday to gauge his interest in returning to the team. Dixon, who is coaching part-time at Burnsville High School, said he is not interested in playing.

    On Wednesday, coach Mike Tice reiterated his long-term commitment to rookie Marcus Johnson at the position, adding that his planned rotation there is designed mostly to aid Johnson's development. Johnson will start Sunday, but Anthony Herrera and possibly Adam Goldberg will see action as well.

    "Marcus is our guy," Tice said. "But young players tend to compound their mistakes with another mistake right after it. So we just take him out, settle him down and put him back in."

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    Re: Udeze injured, Erasmus may play. Dixon turns down Vikings

    Man,sorry to hear about big Dave.I wqas hoping maybe he would make an appearance.I think maybe our boys should set up a MASH tent behind the bench.
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    Re: Udeze injured, Erasmus may play. Dixon turns down Vikings

    That's sweet he is coaching at my former city.. I was 1 year away from going there but moved up here.. Too bad Dixon doesn't wanna play.. Must be outta game shape.. I hope Udeze is good to go on Sunday too!

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    Re: Udeze injured, Erasmus may play. Dixon turns down Vikings

    oh boy, here we go. I know injurys are a part of the game but man o least we have the bye week comming up. I hope our defense can stay productive.
    Too bad about Big least hes coaching in MN.

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    Re: Udeze injured, Erasmus may play. Dixon turns down Vikings

    They should have brought big Dave to camp and had him for a backup from the beginning. He had his best year and I do not understand why Tice has a problem with him, he has been trying to get rid of him for a few years!

    They also should have signed a veteran center in the off-season to back up Birk, especially with Birk having 3 surgeries since last year ended. They could have found somebody better than him for a backup at center. Withrow was a free agent, and nobody made him an offer. So we resign him, and now we are stuck with him.

    If they would have signed somebody else and when Birk found out he had to have surgery then we could have brought Withrow in to be a backup.

    It sucks that Kenechi is injured, we have way to many these last 2 years. Seems every week it is a knee problem or ankle problem.
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    Re: Udeze injured, Erasmus may play. Dixon turns down Vikings

    too little, too late for Dixon.

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    Re: Udeze injured, Erasmus may play. Dixon turns down Viking

    Yeah, it looks like o-line by committee.

    MINNESOTA VIKINGS: Line by committee?

    By Don Seeholzer

    Knight Ridder Newspapers

    ST. PAUL - With Mewelde Moore coming off a 100-yard rushing game against New Orleans, the Minnesota Vikings' running back committee has been at least temporarily adjourned. But the team could be headed for a rotation at another position.

    Coach Mike Tice suggested this week that the Vikings could use a team approach to their interior offensive line problems.
    Read on:

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    Re: Udeze injured, Erasmus may play. Dixon turns down Vikings

    Udeze is almost always injured. This one sounds like it is not going to be good. I don't think he should play this week.

    I hope that Erasmus does a better job than Udeze did as a rookie with his assignments. I remember Tice saying last year how Udeze wasn't following his assignment, trying to do too much at times.

    Man, we got Brown, James, DT, and Irvin all having to play major roles this week. OUCH!!!!!

    I just hope that Johnstone can play through his injury, need that help on the line.

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    Re: Udeze injured, Erasmus may play. Dixon turns down Vikings

    I think our D will be alright. We are beat up, but with the bye coming up we should be fine. At least Smoot and Winfield are still playing along with Fat Pat and K-Will....those are the big 4 that we NEED to win. It will hurt without the other guys, but those 4 are the anchor, IMO.

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    Re: Udeze injured, Erasmus may play. Dixon turns down Vikings

    I think the worst part in all of this is the fact that Ralph Brown will be playing nickel back. He just flat out sucks!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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