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    Udeze To Have Shoulder Surgery

    good news...good informative article.

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    Udeze To Have Shoulder Surgery

    "hawaiianvike21" wrote:
    Im hoping to see Udeze really pull through and make a major contribution for this team. HOpefully he'll recover in time and be the jevon kearse that a lot of people thought he would be in his rookie year.

    I doubt he has anymore excuses to not do well this year and look for him to get say 8 sacks this year or is that asking too much with many stops in the backfield and qb hurries.

    Hopefully the surgery wont slow him down.

    The injury slowed him down way more than a lot of people realize. His success in college didn't come from sure speed, it can from strength and leverage. He didn't have much of that with a bad shoulder. Plus the fact that he had a leg injury this year too that also slowed him down.

    He will come back very strong next year, if the surgery is indeed a success. I bet he gets double digits sacks easy.

    I could care less if he is ready for minicamp, training camp, or even preseason. All I care is that he is 100% by the time the season starts. If that is the case, watch as his raw talent takes over and all the teams that passed him up, wish they hadn't.

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    Udeze To Have Shoulder Surgery

    I agree, preseason and all the other jazz that happens before the opener means squat. Get healthy and reek havoc!

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    Udeze To Have Shoulder Surgery

    nice post muchlove. UDEZE!!! i hope i scream that alot next year. (in a good scream.)

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