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    From the article I read on the Owen replay in the MNF game is like they kept the camera on him waiting for him to do something instead of showing the reply. They said they did show the replay in a timely fashion but I don't remember but one angle which wasn't very good before the Extra Point. They could have shown more but they were waiting for the theatrics of ownens.

    My point is that I think some celebrations have become too much. I don't think a really laid back celebration by Udeze was a distraction but I think Owens is a distraction.

    Any publicity is good publicity is a selfish motto. Udeze antics during his celebration virtually went unnoticed. The league had to make it into a deal. Owens and Horn made their celebrations into a deal.

    A guy wanting to celebrate because he is happy is cool a guy celebrating for attention is selfish.

    I do think that owens bird dance is ok. But McNabbs moon walk and ball slam is excessive. It was a slap in the face to the Vikes. It was HE..HEE.......... not funny. Maybe I am just a sore loser

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    "Jarhead" wrote:
    I remember when he did that and thinking 'uh oh he's gonna catch hell for that'.
    Me too.

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    You guys remember when Randy Moss got fined about 2 seasons ago on Monday Night Football for backwards-trotting into the endzone and mugging for the camera man? He got a bigass fine for it and all of the talking (dick)heads on the sports shows went off about how it shows how irresponsible and cancerous Randy must be... The NEXT WEEK, the opening song/video montage for Monday Night Football INCLUDED Randy's celebration! It just goes to show how money-oriented the NFL is...fine the player to make nervous Moms stop writing angry letters and forget the whole thing, then show the same clip in order to sell jerseys and market NFL "extreme action!" It's a bunch of hypocritical B.S.
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